• Use These Tips for Storing Musical Instruments

    Storage units are ideal for storing your musical instruments when they are not in use. With a little attention to the way you store them, you can ensure that your instruments stay in top condition, without paying extra for a climate-controlled unit. If you plan on putting your instruments in a storage unit in Mountain View, keep this advice in mind.

    Choose the Right Location in the Unit Storage facility to keep musical instruments in Mountain View, CA

    When you’re packing your storage unit, it is best to keep instruments in the center of the unit. This protects them from any drafts that could come from the door or walls. Rather than storing them on the floor, put them on pallets or on shelving units. Keeping them off the ground will minimize the temperature changes the instruments are exposed to. If there are any open vents, make sure the air is not pointed directly at the instruments.

    Pay Attention to Packing

    All musical instruments should be stored in their original cases, if possible. For stringed instruments, release the tension on the strings before storing. This will prevent the strings from damaging the necks of the instruments as they naturally contract and expand in response to temperature changes. Piano strings do not need to be detuned, since the plate can withstand the pressure of string expansion. For instruments that are not in secure cases, such as pianos, wrap them with heavy pads. Store baby grand pianos on their sides, but keep upright pianos in their usual positions.

    Take Care When Unpacking

    The longer your instruments are stored, the more likely they are to have string tension issues or other changes that require careful handling. Unpack your instruments gently when you take them out of storage as they readjust to the current temperature. Give the instruments some time before you retune them. If you have instruments wrapped in padding, unwrap them carefully, especially if they are wood instruments. The veneer on wood can sometimes stick to padding, so removing it gently will protect it from peeling.

    For storing your precious artwork or musical instruments, avail yourself of our climate-controlled storage facility. For further information contact us today!

  • Is There an Ideal Moving Season?

    While you may not always be able to plan ahead for a move, you may want to think carefully about what time of year will be best for your transition. Whether you are moving into self storage or a new home, there are certain times of year that may be better to make a move. A storage rental company in Mountain View will be able to provide you with a quality storage unit, no matter what time of year you choose for your move.

    As you are choosing a season for your upcoming move, consider factors such as school, typical weather conditions, and the housing market. If you are a parent, moving during the school year may place additional strain on your children. Additionally, moving during the coldest months of winter or the hottest days of summer may make your move more stressful. To ensure an easier move, consider moving during the early fall, when the weather is mild and your children have not yet returned to school.

    items - move

  • What Should I Do with a Deceased Family Member’s Belongings?

    The death of a loved one can be a very painful time for any family member. After your family member passes away, you may also be faced with the difficult task of sorting through his or her belongings. By renting a storage unit in Mountain View , you can safely contain your deceased family member’s belongings until you are emotionally ready to start the sorting process. A self storage company can offer you temporary storage during your time of grief. Read on for an overview of some strategies for going through a deceased family member’s belongings.

    Storage Facilities of Deceased Family Members in Mountain View, CA

    Hold On to Important Items

    When you are going through your loved one’s personal belongings, you are sure to find many items that you want to keep. Some of these items may be valuable objects, while others may be small keepsakes that remind you of cherished memories. Allowing yourself to hang on to important items may provide you with a sense of comfort and condolence as you are processing difficult emotions.

    Do Not Be Afraid to Let Go

    While some of your loved one’s belongings may be emotionally or financially valuable, others may not be important enough to save. It is important to allow yourself to let go of certain items that are no longer useful or valuable. Before you decide to toss out an item, you can give your other family members a chance to decide whether or not they would like to keep it.

    Consider a Storage Unit Rental

    From making funeral preparations to mourning your loved one’s passing, the time after a family member’s death can be both emotionally and physically draining. A storage unit rental will provide you with the space that you need to hold on to all of your loved one’s stuff until you are ready to start the sorting process. You can rest assured that all of the belongings will be safe and protected once they have entered the storage unit.

  • Save Space at Home by Moving These Items into Storage

    There are several items that you can move to a Palo Alto storage unit to free up space in your home . These items—such as seasonal decorations, heirloom furniture, and old tax files—take up much more space than you realize. By putting these items into a storage unit, you can devote this extra space to more important items. Read on to learn which items can be placed into storage to free up space. storage - unit

    Seasonal Items

    You probably have several items that you only use for a couple months out of the year, and they take up much-needed space for the majority of year. Your seasonal items can be placed into a storage unit to free up space and prevent unnecessary damages. Seasonal items will include gardening tools, such as a lawnmower and shovels. Other seasonal storage items may include pool toys, holiday decorations, and winter and summer clothing.

    Large Valuables

    If you have valuable pieces of artwork, home décor, or heirlooms, then self-storage is the perfect option to keep these items safe and free up space in your home. Professional storage units are often more secure and free of common household hazards, such as flooding and pests. You will also have various storage options to choose from through a storage facility. Self-storage rental companies typically offer different-sized units, drive-up units, and climate-controlled units to provide you with the best options available. Storage units will also be protected by an on-site manager and individual access through a personal keycode.

    Archived Files

    Tax records, medical files, and insurance information can take up a lot of room in your office space and filing cabinets. You can free up this space by decluttering all of your paperwork and placing the necessary files into filing boxes that will be held in a storage unit. These important files will be better protected against flooding and fire damage, and you will have much more space in your office to work on other important projects.

  • Stress-Free Downsizing 101


    People decide to downsize for all kinds of reasons. Whether you are moving to a smaller living space or you’re simply taking a more minimalist approach to your home design, you should know how to downsize without stressing yourself out. In order to do this, you’ll need to come up with a game plan well before you decide to get started, and you should come equipped with the right packing materials. It’s always wise to use a storage unit in Mountain View , as this can instantly free up space around your house. Keep reading for a crash course in stress-free downsizing. downsizing - stress

    Leave Yourself Time

    No matter why you’re downsizing, it’s best to get started on the planning process early on. When you leave yourself time beforehand, you can get a game plan together and take steps to stick to it throughout the process. Planning your moves out in advance can work wonders when it comes to taking the stress out of downsizing. You won’t be rushing to meet a moving deadline or scramble to use your storage unit before you have to renew it. The longer you give yourself to prepare for your downsizing project, the less stress will be involved.

    Pack the Right Way

    Packing is an integral part of downsizing in many cases, and yet plenty of people still do it the wrong way. Instead of taking used boxes from your local grocery store, buy boxes that were actually designed for packing. These boxes will do a better job of keeping your belongings safe while downsizing. You should also label all of the boxes that you pack so you can easily tell what is inside each of them.

    Use a Storage Unit

    If you are downsizing because you want to clear up some space in your house, consider a storage unit. A storage unit can be a great thing to have when you want to make the most of your living space but you don’t want to get rid of all of your belongings. The right storage unit can make downsizing easy as well as stress-free.


  • Mistakes to Avoid When Arranging Your Storage Unit

    Whether you are transitioning between homes, or simply need more storage space for your existing property, renting a storage unit is a great way to take charge of your household clutter. After you rent self storage in Mountain View , it will be your responsibility to make sure that your unit is properly arranged. By reviewing the dos and don’ts of storage unit arrangement, you can avoid an organizational problem at some point down the line. Read on to learn some important mistakes to avoid when you arrange your storage unit. storage - unit

    Forgetting to Label Boxes

    As you are getting your belongings ready for a move into storage, you may need to organize them into various moving boxes. When you are in the process of placing items into boxes, do not forget to create a detailed label for each box that you pack. Without informational labels, it will be impossible to know which items are located in your various boxes. Taking the time to label each box will prevent organizational problems in the future.

    Neglecting to Put Large Items in the Back

    Size is an important consideration when you are arranging your storage unit. Rather than simply moving your items into storage at random, you will want to take the time to organize them by size. Large items, such as pieces of furniture, should nearly always be placed in the back of your storage unit rental. Putting bulky items in first will allow you to organize smaller stuff more easily.

    Placing Essential Items Out of Reach

    While some items that are in your storage unit may not be useful to you very often, others may need to be easily accessible. If you can anticipate needing to take out an item from storage within a few months of your initial rental, you will want to place it as close to the front as possible. Taking the time to sort your stuff by importance will allow you to achieve the best results from your storage unit arrangement.

  • What You Should Know About Personal Property Coverage

    When you rent a storage unit , you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your items are securely stored in a safe space. Still, it can be helpful to have insurance coverage for stored items in the event of a flood, fire, or other unavoidable catastrophe. As you are reviewing your storage options in Mountain View, you may want to ask your insurance company to provide you with information about your personal property coverage and how it relates to items that are stored outside of your dwelling. Typically, homeowners’ insurance offers partial or full coverage for belongings that are placed in self storage. Here is an overview of what you need to know about personal property coverage. Storage - unit - coverage

    Homeowners’ Insurance Includes Personal Property Coverage

    Personal property coverage is probably already included in your current homeowners’ insurance plan. If it has been a while since you read over your policy, now is a good time to review its details. A comprehensive homeowners’ insurance policy should cover your personal belongings, whether they are stored at your house or in a storage facility.

    Off-Premise Personal Property Coverage May Be Limited

    Off-premise personal property coverage is defined as any coverage that extends to items that are stored in a storage unit, rather than in the home. Depending on the terms of your insurance policy, your plan may offer up to half of the coverage limit for your private home. Before you place your valuables in a storage unit, you will want to review any limits that may pertain to your off-premise storage.

    Valuable Belongings May Be Eligible for Additional Coverage

    A storage unit is a safe and secure place to store your most valuable belongings. If you are planning on placing your valuables into storage, you may want to ask your insurance company about the possibility of extending your personal property coverage limit. Typically, your insurance company will be happy to work with you to create a coverage plan that provides adequate protection for your valuables. With your additional coverage in place, you will be ready to move your valuables into storage with total peace of mind.

  • Tips for Storing Your Furniture

    Putting extra furniture into storage is a great way to free up some space at home or to make moving easier. If you are getting ready to move some of your furniture into a storage rental in Palo Alto , then continue reading for some helpful tips on storing this type of item.

    First, if any of your furniture can be easily disassembled, doing this before putting them into the rental unit can help prevent them from being damaged and taking up a lot of space in the storage rental. Next, wrap any wood or upholstered furniture with plastic and secure it in place with tape. Also, clean anything made of fabric before moving the furniture into the storage unit to help reduce the likelihood of bacteria and mold growth. Finally, cover each piece of furniture with plastic or sheets to help keep them dust free while they are in your storage rental.

    storing - furniture

  • How to Decide What to Put Into Storage

    A common issue faced by homeowners is having more stuff than they have room to hold. If you have too many belongings to store or keep organized in your home, then taking advantage of self-storage services in Mountain View can be incredibly beneficial. While moving your items into a storage unit is a simple process, deciding what should go into storage and what should remain at home can be difficult. Use the following tips to help choose what should go into your storage unit .

    First, it’s important to know what items should not go into storage, and this includes anything living, toxic, highly flammable, or edible. Next, consider the size of your storage unit. If you have something large or bulky you’re thinking of storing, then you should first determine if your unit can accommodate it. Finally, consider the time of year and your household’s needs. There are likely to be items that your family won’t need again for several months, such as summer gear or holiday décor, and these types of belongings are often an ideal choice for putting into storage.

    Goods storage units in Mountview, CA

  • Taping Boxes 101

    Sturdy boxes are essential for any move. As you are packing your belongings for placement in a storage unit near Palo Alto , you will want to make sure that your boxes are taped and secured properly. In this video, you will take a close look at the process of taping moving boxes. To save time and frustration as you are taping boxes, you can use a tape dispenser. The tape dispenser will ensure that the tape adheres to the seam of the box and creates a strong bond.

    A facility offering storage rental can help you locate all of the supplies you will need for moving your belongings into storage or across the country. With assistance from a company that specializes in storage units, you can complete your moving process quickly and easily. For answers to your questions about self storage, be sure to get in touch with a storage unit facility in your area.

  • Putting Extra Handbags in Storage

    If you have a large number of handbags and you are running out of storage room for them in your home, you should consider using a self-storage unit to keep them safe. Watch this video to see how to pack your handbags before placing them into a self-storage unit serving Palo Alto.

    Prior to packing a handbag and putting it into a self-storage unit, you should make sure that it’s completely empty. Your handbag could be in storage for years, so you don’t want to have a bottle of water or a tube of lipstick ruin it while it’s in storage. You should also wrap it in a dust bag to keep it free from dirt and debris. By renting space at a high quality self-storage facility and packing your handbags properly, you can keep them looking like new for years to come.

  • The History of Self-Storage


    Renting a self-storage unit in Palo Alto is a great way to store items you want to hold on to, but just don’t have the room for at home. There are many reasons to consider renting a self-storage unit. Many people make use of storage facilities to store furniture, family possessions, and seasonal items that are only used a small portion of the year. Storage unit rental is an easy way to transition during a move, especially when downsizing homes. Having a storage unit in a secure storage facility means you can be assured that your belongings are safely stored. Even though many people take advantage of all the conveniences self-storage has to offer, not everyone knows the history behind self-storage. To learn more about how self-storage units have become commonplace for many people, continue reading. Antique goods storage facility in Mountview, CA

    Origins of Self-Storage

    While it is difficult to provide concrete confirmation to support this theory, there is actually some evidence to suggest that self-storage dates all the way back to ancient China. Artifacts that date back thousands of years indicate that the Chinese used clay pots as storage vessels and that these storage pots were all kept in one location. Of course, it is hard to say how exactly these storage units were used.

    Foundation of Modern Self-Storage

    Beginning in the late 1800s, different businesses pioneered the concept of moving household items locally and long distances, which also led to the storage of personal items in warehouses and other facilities. However, self-storage units as they have come to be known today originated in Texas in the 1960s. These were the first self-storage units to feature garage-style doors and could be accessed individually by the owner. This is when the idea of self-storage facilities gained popularity.

    Self-Storage Today

    From the 1960s to today, the number of self-storage facilities steadily increased. Eventually, demand for more facilities led to an influx of self-storage facilities across the United States. Today, storage units offer state-of-the-art technology in security and 24-hour monitoring, as well as features such as temperature control and different sized units to meet any need.


  • How to Safely Pack Your Stemware

    After you’ve found the perfect storage unit rental near Mountain View, you need to start packing the belongings that you want to move to the storage facility . You must take special care when packing glassware to prevent it from breaking while you’re moving it or while it’s in the storage unit. The best type of box to use for storing stemware in a self-storage unit is a cell box.

    Watch this video to learn how to make your own cell box to use for your stemware before bringing it to a secure storage facility. A cell box will protect your stemware during your move, and prevent it from becoming damaged in your storage unit.

  • Color Coding Your Storage Boxes

    If you’re packing up boxes to move them into a storage unit near Mountain View , you can color code your boxes to make it easier to find and retrieve your belongings from your self-storage unit in the future! Develop a color-coding system before you begin packing and be consistent when using it. Be sure to write down your color-coding system to make sure that you remember it later.

    Watch this video for more information about how color-coding your storage boxes will help you when moving belongings into a secure storage facility. You’ll see a demonstration of this useful system from beginning to end so you can keep it in mind when preparing items for your self-storage unit.

    Color Coding Your Moving Boxes

  • Creative Ways to Get Rid of Clutter

    It is easy to allow clutter to build up in your home, but it can also be easy to remove it! Between donations, recycling, and storage units near Mountain View, you have plenty of options when it comes to clearing out your living space. Be sure to stay organized and methodical in your storage unit planning approach, put your needs to the test, and give your extra things to someone who could use them. Read on for a closer look at some of these creative ways to get rid of clutter. Storage Units Mountain View

    Break It Down

    rounding up a few large boxes and sorting your clutter among them. One box might be for items that you plan to donate, another might be for recycling, and a third might be for belongings that will go to your storage unit rental. Keep these boxes handy as you gradually sort more and more items into each of them. After a week of sorting into these boxes, take them to their designated locations.

    Challenge Yourself

    Many people hold onto items that they do not need because they are convinced that they will still make use of them someday. You can look at your belongings objectively by challenging yourself to only use the ones you need. You might decide to wear only a certain amount of outfits per month so that you can eliminate the ones that you evidently do not favor; then you can give these eliminated garments to friends, family members, or those who are in need.

    Spread the Wealth

    Some have overcome extensive clutter by making it a point to give their things away on a daily basis. If you give even one item away to someone else each day, you can eliminate your clutter while making a different person happy. This can even serve as an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with friends and family members by giving them thoughtful gifts.

  • Packing Your Wardrobe for Storage

    Moving homes can be very stressful, which is why it is important to be organized and mindful during the process. First off, you need to determine whether or not you will require a storage unit rental in Palo Alto . If this is the case, be sure to do your research and compare multiple storage facilities before making a decision. The right choice should be reputable, have good customer reviews, and be able to provide a secure and high quality storage unit that fits your needs and budget.

    Once a suitable storage unit has been secured, it is time to pack up. Watch this helpful video on how to pack clothing for a move. Remember to take this opportunity to downsize by donating any pieces of clothing or accessories that haven’t been worn or used in the past year.

    How to Pack Clothing for a Move

  • Preparing Your Sofa for Storage

    Oftentimes, people find themselves in need of a self-storage unit in Palo Alto. The reasons tend to vary. Someone may require an overflow storage space to relieve his packed garage whereas another one may be in-between living situations. Regardless of the reason, you may find yourself requiring a storage unit rental for your knickknacks and furnishings. When you do, it will be helpful for you to know how to prepare your large furniture pieces for storage—particularly your sofa. By following proper techniques, you can ensure that your cozy couch remains in good condition while it is safely stowed away. Sofa against brick wall at Independence Storage in Mountain View, CA

    Materials You Should Have

    Before you pack your sofa into your self-storage unit, you need to prep it. Have these materials on hand: cleaning rags, appropriate cleaning solutions, bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard, large garbage bags or plastic wrap, large tarps or plastic sheeting, and pallets.

    What to Do

    Clean your sofa by wiping it down with a dirt-free rag and cleaner. If desired, polish any wood or metal with solutions that are specifically formulated for the job. Disassemble your sofa, if possible, and place parts in properly labeled bags or boxes. Use bubble wrap to cover fragile and easily scratched pieces. Bag up loose cushions and pillows. Be sure that all parts of your sofa are thoroughly dry before storing. In the storage unit, place sofa on tarp-shrouded pallets and wrap any exposed wood or metal with plastic sheeting or cardboard. Swathe sofa with a large tarp or a thick canvas sheet for extra protection.

    Helpful Storage Tips

    Most sofas are rather costly to buy. The last thing you want to happen while it is being stored is for it to get damaged. Remember not to stack heavy things on your sofa, as they can permanently cause unsightly indentations. If you spent a lot of money on your couch, you might want to choose a climate-controlled unit that can protect your furniture from moisture, pests, or extreme temperatures. It costs more to rent, but it will give you peace of mind. For more assurance, consider taking out an insurance policy on your storage unit. When in doubt, consult a knowledgeable storage professional.


    Moving day can be very stressful, but there are steps you can take to make the process much easier. If you want to avoid losing anything during a move, it’s a good idea to organize your belongings efficiently and effectively. It can be especially important to keep tabs of your belongings if some of them will be moved to your new home, while others will be placed in a storage unit rental in Palo Alto .

    It’s not always easy to keep track of everything you own during this hectic event, but thankfully, there’s an app for that. Moving Van is an app for Apple devices that can help you keep track of the location and contents of each box, whether it’s in your van or in a storage unit. With a few simple taps, you’ll know whether you’ve moved your coffee maker to your new house or to your storage unit rental. With the help of this simple program, the process of moving and storing items at a storage facility will become much easier.

    Organize storage unit rental palo alto with app in Mountain View, CA

  • Moving Day

    One of the most common concerns with moving is the possibility of lost or damaged items. Keeping track of your belongings is especially important if you’re planning on using a storage unit rental in Palo Alto because nobody wants to be digging through boxes at a storage facility to make sure they didn’t lose anything.

    It’s often difficult to keep track of everything you own, so you may not even notice that something is missing until it’s too late. Thankfully, this app will help you to organize everything you have packed to ensure that nothing gets left behind. With the Moving Day app, you can record information including specific details about every item in each box in order to avoid any problems and further protect your property in a storage unit.

    Moving Day app to protect your property in a storage unit in Mountain View, CA