• Customer-Friendly Features at Independence Storage

    At Independence Storage , we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and an overall wonderful experience for our customers. Our customer-friendly features make us one of the most popular self-storage facilities in Palo Alto. Each storage unit rental is a ground level storage unit with ten-foot high ceilings. We offer a variety of self-storage unit sizes to ensure that each customer gets the storage unit rental that he needs.

    Our secure storage facility protects customers’ storage units with electronic keypad access. Our office is open Monday through Saturday, and customers have access to their storage units seven days a week, 365 days a year. During office hours, there is always a manager on-site to answer customer questions and provide service.

    To make self-storage easy for our customers, we offer flexible billing and payment options. There is no minimum stay for our storage unit rentals, and any unused rent is refunded after your first month of use. You can rent an affordable storage unit without having to commit to a full year’s lease. We also offer discounts for pre-payment, and allow our customers to sign up for automatic payments.

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  • How to Organize Your Storage Unit

    If you’ve recently rented a storage unit near Palo Alto , you’ll want to organize it effectively so that you can make the most of your space. When your ground level storage unit is properly organized, you will have quick, safe, and convenient access to your belongings. Here are some tips on how to organize your self-storage unit. Empty storage unit at Independence Storage in Mountain View, CA

    Rent a Slightly Larger Storage Unit than You Need

    If you rent a self-storage unit that provides just enough space for your belongings, the storage unit will be cramped and difficult to access. Instead, you should rent a slightly larger storage unit so that you have room for your belongings and to create a usable walkway through the center of the unit. When you create a walkway, you’ll be able to quickly and easily retrieve boxes without having to unpack and repack the entire self-storage unit.

    Plan Out Your Space Before Moving Belongings

    Before you move any boxes into your ground level storage unit, you should map out how you plan on using your space. If you create a simple drawing of your storage unit and determine ahead of time where you will place boxes, furniture, and other belongings, you can figure out how to make the best use of your space. Keep in mind that it’s best to store taller items in the back so that they won’t block other items from view. You should also avoid stacking too many boxes on top of each other in order to prevent safety hazards and damage to your items.

    Pack Carefully and Effectively

    When you pack carefully and effectively, you’ll be able to fit more items into your storage unit and store items safely. Try to use boxes that are all relatively the same size, so that it will be easier to create short stacks of boxes within your self-storage unit. You might even consider using plastic storage tubs instead of cardboard boxes, as they are more durable and easier to stack. Don’t overload boxes, as heavier boxes are more difficult to move and stack.

  • Color Coding Your Storage Boxes

    If you’re packing up boxes to move them into a storage unit near Mountain View , you can color code your boxes to make it easier to find and retrieve your belongings from your self-storage unit in the future! Develop a color-coding system before you begin packing and be consistent when using it. Be sure to write down your color-coding system to make sure that you remember it later.

    Watch this video for more information about how color-coding your storage boxes will help you when moving belongings into a secure storage facility. You’ll see a demonstration of this useful system from beginning to end so you can keep it in mind when preparing items for your self-storage unit.

    Color Coding Your Moving Boxes

  • Questions to Ask When You’re Renting a Storage Unit

    You can make sure that you get the most out of your storage unit rental near Mountain View if you ask the right questions of the self-storage facility’s manager before signing a rental agreement. You should make sure that you know the storage facility’s rental contract and billing options, access hours and security features, and available storage unit sizes. Here are just a few of the questions that you should ask before committing to a storage unit rental. Money calendar concept in Mountain View, CA

    What Are Your Rental Terms and Billing Options?

    Before renting a self-storage unit, you should determine how long you think you’ll need to store your belongings there. If you aren’t really sure how long you’ll need your storage unit, you should choose a storage facility that offers flexible rental contracts and billing options. This allows you to rent a storage unit month-to-month, rather than on a long-term lease, making it easier to store your items without worrying about them. You can also choose to pre-pay for your unit when it’s convenient for you, rather than receiving a monthly bill.

    How Secure is the Storage Facility And What are Your Access Hours?

    Regardless of what you’ll be storing in your self-storage unit, you want to choose a secure storage facility. A secure storage facility will only allow access via an electronic keypad to ensure that your belongings are safe from theft or vandalism. You’ll also want to be clear on what the access hours are for your storage facility. Some storage facilities only allow renters access to their storage units during certain hours.

    What Sizes Do You Offer for Self-Storage Units?

    You should rent a storage unit that is slightly larger than you think you’ll need, so that you’ll have room to find and retrieve boxes when you need to access your items. Find out from the storage facility manager what storage unit sizes they offer to renters. Make sure that they offer a storage unit in a size that meets your particular needs.