• What to Store and What to Take Home During Your College Summer Break

    Before you pick up everything that’s in your dorm room and attempt to take it home during your summer break from college, you should think about using student storage. It will prevent you from having to transport everything that you have at college back home and make it easier for you to move back to school in the fall. Check out some of the things you should store as well as some of the things you should take home when you decide to rent a self-storage unit in Palo Alto this summer. Student storage facility in Mountain View, CA

    Store: Furniture

    Chances are, you won’t need that big, bulky dresser that you have in your dorm room once you move back home. Why take it all the way back to your parents’ house when you could put it into student storage for a few months and make your move that much easier? You can store a dresser, a bed, a desk, or any other kind of furniture in a self-storage unit for the summer and move it back to campus when the fall rolls around again.

    Take Home: Food

    When you rent a student storage unit, you want to do whatever you can to keep pests out of it. That means that you shouldn’t store food in your unit. Keep the potato chip bags and other snacks out of your self-storage unit, and you will reduce the chances of pests getting into your unit and making a mess.

    Store: School Supplies

    Unless you plan on taking classes over the summer, you won’t need any of your school supplies at home. You should probably take your laptop and electronics home, but you can leave books, pens, notebooks, and other supplies in your storage unit so that they’re ready to go once school starts.

    Take Home: Summer Clothing

    You can use your storage unit to store anything that you won’t be wearing during the summer. However, you shouldn’t leave your summer clothes behind. Now is the time to wear them, so make sure you bring them home with you.

  • Keeping Important Paperwork Safe in Storage

    One of the best ways to keep all of the important paperwork that you need to save for business purposes safe is to lock it up in a storage facility . By doing this, you will ensure that it is secure at all times and that you have access to it whenever you need it. Before you place your documents into a self-storage facility in Mountain View, though, there are some steps you should take to make sure you don’t have to worry about your paperwork while it’s being stored. Check out some of those steps out below.

    Paper storage facility in Mountain View, CA Use Boxes Designed for Document Storage

    Whether you are storing legal or letter size documents, there are boxes created specifically for the purpose of storing important paperwork. You should obtain as many of these boxes as you need and put your paperwork in them. Make sure you don’t overstuff the boxes, and resist the urge to make them any heavier than 30 pounds. This will allow you to transport the boxes more easily. You should also label your boxes so that you can find paperwork later.

    Keep Your Document Storage Boxes Off the Ground

    When you begin moving your document storage boxes into your storage facility, you should make an effort to keep them off the ground. Ideally, you should install shelving units inside of your storage unit rental, but you can also place palettes down in the unit if shelving isn’t an option. This will prevent the documents from getting damaged if your unit ever takes on water or has a pest problem

    Place Extra Important Paperwork Into a Fireproof Safe

    In the event of a fire at your self-storage facility, you want to ensure that your most important documents are safe. You can protect them by purchasing a fireproof safe and filling it with those documents that are the most important to you. You should also lock up any documents that need to remain private and check on your self-storage unit periodically to make sure your paperwork is secure.

  • Putting Extra Handbags in Storage

    If you have a large number of handbags and you are running out of storage room for them in your home, you should consider using a self-storage unit to keep them safe. Watch this video to see how to pack your handbags before placing them into a self-storage unit serving Palo Alto.

    Prior to packing a handbag and putting it into a self-storage unit, you should make sure that it’s completely empty. Your handbag could be in storage for years, so you don’t want to have a bottle of water or a tube of lipstick ruin it while it’s in storage. You should also wrap it in a dust bag to keep it free from dirt and debris. By renting space at a high quality self-storage facility and packing your handbags properly, you can keep them looking like new for years to come.

  • Self-Storage: The Smart Choice for Students

    The average college dorm room or apartment doesn’t provide much room for storage. As a result, you will probably not be able to keep all of your personal possessions in your room or apartment with you when you attend college. This doesn’t mean that you can’t bring them with you to college, though! Instead of leaving them behind at home, you can store items in a storage unit located nearby. Here is why you should consider renting space at a self-storage facility in Palo Alto. student self storage palo alto

    You won’t have to bring all of your possessions back home at the end of every school year.

    At the end of every school year, you are required to move out of your dorm room and take all of your belongings back home. This can be a huge hassle for you, especially if you live far from campus. Rather than moving your items back and forth several times over the course of your college career, why not rent a storage unit that will serve as the perfect place to store your belongings? It will cut down on the moving you need to do at the beginning and end of every school year.

    You will give yourself more space to study and relax in your dorm room or apartment.

    If you bring too many items to school with you and try to make them fit into your dorm room or apartment, you will be forced to sacrifice some of the precious space you have. College dorm rooms and apartments usually aren’t that big to begin with, so it will have an impact on your ability to use your room or apartment. By investing in a self-storage unit, you will give yourself the space you need.

    You will give yourself a space to safely keep your valuable possessions.

    Storing valuable possessions in a dorm room or apartment is never a good idea. Thefts take place on college campuses all the time, so if you have items that are especially important to you, you should keep them locked away in a secure storage unit at all times.