• Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Storage Unit

    Every self-storage facility can be susceptible to pests, but you should still look for a reputable, clean storage rental company in Mountain View to improve your chances of keeping your belongings bug-free. After you rent the unit, set out a few mousetraps along the walls before you move your stuff inside. You could also put down a perimeter barrier of bug spray. Or, a natural pest control option is to sprinkle some diatomaceous earth around the storage unit.

    As you listen to the featured video, you’ll learn that bugs are often repelled by the scent of peppermint. Soak some cotton balls in peppermint oil, and place them in and around the furniture you’re storing. This video lists a few other natural pest repellents you can use in your storage rental, such as vinegar, baking soda, and cayenne pepper.

  • Storage Tips for Your Baby’s Old Clothes

    As your baby develops, he or she will eventually start to grow out of his or her clothing. In this video, you will learn some essential tips that will help you to prepare your baby’s old clothes for self storage in Palo Alto. Before you place old baby clothes into storage, take the time to ensure that they are totally clean and dry. You may also want to label each box with the name and age of your child.

    A storage rental company can provide you with the space that you need to house all of your child’s extra stuff. By renting a storage unit, you can hang onto your favorite clothes and sentimental items for future generations.

  • Your Room-by-Room Guide to Home Decluttering

    Decluttering your home may seem like an impossible endeavor at times, but it can be easily done when broken down into manageable parts. If you declutter one room or space at a time, then you will soon find your home is cleaner and more spacious than you thought possible. Take advantage of different storage options in Mountain View —such as a storage unit or storage shed rental—to help you declutter your home room by room. Here is a quick guide to help you declutter your home. home - storage

    The Bathrooms

    Your bathrooms are one of the most important areas of your home to declutter, because you can save a great amount of time during the morning and evening. It is important to regularly update your medications, skin care products, and toiletries. Decluttering these items can significantly reduce the clutter and free up space in your bathrooms.

    The Closets

    Your closets naturally become a place for extra storage, such as clothing, shoes, toys, bedding, and rarely-used items. Closets are an important area to declutter, because you often find clothing that no longer fits, has become damaged, or was forgotten about. You can also separate and store seasonal clothing in your storage unit to create more space.

    The Office

    Your office can quickly become a dumping ground for old files, mail, and random pieces of paper clutter. Decluttering the office might take a little more time than other areas of your home, because you will want to inspect each piece of paper before recycling or shredding it. Once you clear off your desks, place filing boxes in your storage unit, and declutter your working space, however, then you have more freedom to finish your projects.

    The Garage

    You may find yourself storing tools, recreational items, and large appliances in your garage. These items can quickly overtake your garage space and prevent you from parking your vehicles. Choose other storage options, such as a storage shed rental, to store these tools and appliances until you need them.

  • What to Know About Staging Your Home

    Many people who choose to use self-storage are in the process of selling their home. If you’re planning to move some of your belongings into temporary storage in Mountain View for this reason, then there are a few things that you should know about staging your home. storage - items

    Clearing Out Clutter

    One of the best ways to start the process of staging your home is to remove as much clutter as possible. This step is essential because potential buyers appreciate a home that looks furnished but not lived in. Many homeowners choose to downsize before selling and to keep any non-essentials of what is left in a storage unit. If you don’t need an item to get by while your home is for sale, then it’s ideal to put it into a storage rental during this process.

    Cleaning Your Interiors

    After your home is cleared of excess clutter, you’ll find it easier to take on the next important step, which is cleaning. When you want to sell your house quickly, you should put a significant amount of effort into getting your interiors sparkling clean. A few areas to focus on are windows, grout, floors, and countertops. Thoroughly cleaning your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to make it more marketable.

    Choosing Your Décor

    Although an important part of staging your home is clearing away clutter, you also want it to feel home-like and inviting. To achieve this, leave some select pieces of art on the wall, but remove any family photos that you may have. Also, include some vases with cut flowers, set out dining ware on your table, and add a bowl or 2 of fresh fruit to your kitchen counter.

    Addressing Your Exteriors

    Your home’s curb appeal can play a crucial role in your ability to sell it quickly, and improving the look of your home’s exterior and landscaping can boost the property’s value. Have your siding and walkways power washed, clean your front windows, add greenery and flowers that are in bloom, and mow and reseed your lawn as needed as part of staging your home.

  • Do You Need Insurance for Your Storage Facility?

    No matter what you store in your storage unit, it is recommended by all storage rental companies that you keep your items insured. Your items should be protected by being at a secure storage unit near Palo Alto , and you should have the added protection of insurance in the event something unfortunate occurs.

    Most homeowner’s and renter’s insurances will cover the items that you keep in your storage unit. It is best to double check with your insurance, though. If your insurance company does not cover your items in storage, then your storage rental company will most likely have policies to offer you.

    It is necessary to insure your storage items. In the unlikely event that your storage unit is invaded or vandalized, your insurance policy can cover the damages. Policies may also cover potential water damage or pest damage, if these were to occur. Speak with your storage rental company and insurance company on the best ways to protect your items from damage.

    storage - insurance

  • Can Self-Storage Help You Sell Your Home?

    Staging is among the most important elements of the home selling process. When you are gearing up to start showing your home to potential buyers, you may want to consider a storage rental to assist you with the staging process. Storage units allow you to house your personal belongings and clutter so that your home becomes more appealing to buyers. By taking out your personal items and any other unnecessary objects, you will allow potential buyers to more easily imagine themselves living in your home. Moving your belongings into a temporary storage unit near Mountain View can also give you a jump start on the moving process.

    If you have questions about your storage options, be sure to get in touch with a facility near you. From high-security storage units to temporary storage and more, your local storage unit facility can provide you with the right storage services for your upcoming home move.

    self - storage

  • How Having a Storage Unit Can Help You Move

    Whether you are moving to a new neighborhood, or are getting ready for a long-distance relocation, you may want to consider renting a storage unit in preparation for your move. Storage units provide families with additional space to house their belongings as they are getting organized for a move. A storage rental company near Mountain View can provide you with the temporary storage rental that you need to streamline your moving process. To highlight the advantages of storage unit rental, here is a look at three ways having a storage unit can assist you during the moving process. storage - unit

    Storage Units Allow for a Flexible Timeline

    If you are searching for a new residence, but have not yet figured out where you are going to live, your storage unit rental can allow you to begin the moving process on a flexible timeline. When you move your belongings into storage, you can rest assured that they will be safe and protected. After storing your stuff, you can easily stay at a friend or family member’s house while you are on the hunt for a new home.

    Storage Units Provide Additional Space

    Families that are downsizing during a move may want to explore the advantages of storage unit rentals. With your storage unit rental, you can house your important personal items in a safe location while you are getting organized. In the event that you find that your new home does not have enough storage for all of your belongings, a storage unit can provide you with the space you need to hang on to your treasured items.

    Storage Units Can Ease Your Stress

    Another great advantage of using a storage unit when you move is that your rental will help to ease your stress during the moving process. Rather than worrying about packing in a hurry and then moving all of your boxes and belongings in a single day, you can take your time and gradually move your items in and out of storage.

  • The Benefits of Ground-Level Storage

    If you have been thinking about using a self-storage facility, then consider looking for one with ground-level storage units near Mountain View . With ground-level storage, you can take greater advantage of the many benefits of having a storage unit. Here is a brief look at how a ground-level storage unit can help you.

    • By using a ground-level storage unit, you can enjoy easier access to all of your stored items. You will not have to climb up stairs to reach your storage unit, making it a more comfortable option when unloading and loading your furniture and boxes.
    • You can have access to bigger storage options with ground-level units. Your storage facility will be able to make its units tall and large without having to accommodate multiple floors of storage units.
    • It is easier to get around a ground-level storage facility. Instead of navigating stairs, elevators, and multiple floors, you can find your storage unit and park next to it without hassle.

    self - storage

  • Making Your Storage Unit Work for You

    Renting a storage unit at a storage facility is an excellent option for those who have run out of storage at home. You can keep your personal possessions safe and secure inside of a self-storage unit in Mountain View and get access to them whenever you want. However, once you decide that you want to invest in a storage unit, you should do what you can to make sure your storage unit works for you. Check out some of the steps you should take when you start using a self-storage unit. self storage mountain view

    Label everything that you put into your storage unit.

    Regardless of how large your self-storage unit is, there’s a good chance that, over time, you will fill it up with various items. These items will be very difficult to find if you haven’t labeled boxes properly. You should write what is inside every single box and attempt to keep boxes that go together in the same part of the storage unit.

    Arrange boxes and furniture strategically so that you can access them later.

    When you begin moving items into your storage unit, consider which items you will need to access frequently and which you can afford to stick all the way in the back of the unit. The last thing you want to do is place important boxes in the back behind a stack of heavy furniture. It will make it hard for you to access the boxes later. By coming up with a plan about how you want to stack things in your self-storage unit, you will be able to put everything that you need within arm’s reach in the unit.

    Visit your storage unit regularly to check up on the contents of it.

    While self-storage facilities will do everything in their power to keep your possessions safe, water, pests, and thieves can present problems in storage facilities from time to time. For this reason, you should check on your self-storage unit every month or so to make sure everything is maintained properly inside of it.

  • Why Your Business Needs a Storage Unit

    Storage units in Palo Alto can provide many amazing benefits to large and small businesses. You can use a self-storage unit to free up valuable office space, securely store important business records, and create a more flexible office environment. Here are some of the ways that a high quality storage unit can help you do that. storage facility in palo alto

    Free Up Space in Your Office

    Storing business records, unused office equipment, and party supplies can take up valuable space in your office. By moving these items to an off-site storage facility, you’ll create more floor space and workspace for your employees. This will create a more comfortable work environment that will help your employees stay happy, efficient, and productive. You’ll also eliminate safety hazards caused by stacks of boxes or office equipment that may be stored in inconvenient areas of the office.

    Develop a Program for Secure Records Storage and Inventory

    Most business need to retain business records for a certain period of time before they can be destroyed. A secure storage facility will ensure that confidential and important business records remain safe in your storage unit until you need to access them or destroy them. You won’t have to worry about crucial documents being destroyed in a fire or flood, or being accessed by those who shouldn’t see them. When you store secure records in a storage facility, you’ll also have the opportunity to create a comprehensive inventory of your records, which is incredibly useful when you need to find and use certain records.

    Create a More Flexible Office Environment

    As your office grows and changes, you may find that you need more office space to accommodate additional employees or evolving business services. When you utilize a self-storage facility for your office storage, you have the ability to adapt your office environment to meet the changing needs of your company. Professional storage services can also be customized to complement any new business developments.

  • Creative Ways to Get Rid of Clutter

    It is easy to allow clutter to build up in your home, but it can also be easy to remove it! Between donations, recycling, and storage units near Mountain View, you have plenty of options when it comes to clearing out your living space. Be sure to stay organized and methodical in your storage unit planning approach, put your needs to the test, and give your extra things to someone who could use them. Read on for a closer look at some of these creative ways to get rid of clutter. Storage Units Mountain View

    Break It Down

    rounding up a few large boxes and sorting your clutter among them. One box might be for items that you plan to donate, another might be for recycling, and a third might be for belongings that will go to your storage unit rental. Keep these boxes handy as you gradually sort more and more items into each of them. After a week of sorting into these boxes, take them to their designated locations.

    Challenge Yourself

    Many people hold onto items that they do not need because they are convinced that they will still make use of them someday. You can look at your belongings objectively by challenging yourself to only use the ones you need. You might decide to wear only a certain amount of outfits per month so that you can eliminate the ones that you evidently do not favor; then you can give these eliminated garments to friends, family members, or those who are in need.

    Spread the Wealth

    Some have overcome extensive clutter by making it a point to give their things away on a daily basis. If you give even one item away to someone else each day, you can eliminate your clutter while making a different person happy. This can even serve as an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with friends and family members by giving them thoughtful gifts.

  • Steps in Staging Your Home

    You have to sell your current home before you can move to a new one, and a big part of this process is staging. Properly staging your home can make it as appealing as possible, which encourages potential buyers to make an offer! Find out how renting a storage unit from a self-storage facility in Mountain View can help by watching this video clip.

    A properly staged home should be clean, impersonal, and clutter free. A clean and well-kept home should have a nice paint job, aesthetic doors, and quality floor treatments. It helps to remove pictures of yourself or your family so that people can imagine themselves living in your home during the open house. If you have a bit of clutter around the house that you do not want to throw away, consider using a storage unit rental to keep your belongings out of sight and in a storage unit while you show your house to potential buyers.

    5 Home Staging Essentials

  • Reasons to Get a Self-Storage Unit

    If you are tired of tripping over your belongings, it may be time to look into a self-storage facility in Palo Alto. This same secure storage facility might also be helpful if your job has you traveling across the country on a regular basis, or if you like to go all out when it comes to decorating for the holidays. A storage unit can be a convenient solution in all sorts of situations. Read on for a closer look at these reasons to get a self-storage unit. Secure Storage Facility in Palo Alto

    Running Out of Room

    You do not need to live in a mansion to enjoy your personal space; all you have to do is understand how to cut down on clutter. Fortunately, self-storage facilities make it easy to keep your home clean, organized, and clutter-free, so even the smallest apartments can feel roomy enough for your needs. A storage unit can help you take back your closet, attic, garage, or other area of your house that has become overrun with clutter. This is the perfect solution for those items that are too sentimental to let go of but not functional enough to make use of.

    Constantly On the Go

    If you live in New York but frequently attend to business on the West Coast, it may behoove you to rent a storage unit in Palo Alto. This will give you a sort of “home base” where you can keep a few of your important things that you would like to have with you whenever you work away from home. If these belongings are already in town when you arrive, you do not need to worry about bringing them on the plane. Storage facilities are perfect for a busy, “on the go” lifestyle.

    Seasonal Decorations

    You might see more seasonal decorations during the winter than any other time of year, but some homes are committed to celebrating every holiday. If this describes your level of holiday cheer, you might need a place to store your lights, inflatables, and other decorations. If you do not have a basement or an attic, a storage unit is perfect.

  • Top Reasons to Rent a Storage Unit

    Whether you’re running out of space for your valuables at home or you just need to keep a few items in a safe place, storage units can be very useful for a variety of purposes. If you are considering the benefits of a high-quality storage unit in Palo Alto, here are a few reasons to take the next step.

    If you have several prized possessions that are taking up too much room at home, a storage unit rental can be used to clear some space. In addition, there may be times when you need to move to a smaller residence, and in those cases, a storage unit can be a great way to hold onto valuable items. There are also some cases in which certain possessions are not used as much as others. Putting these possessions in storage will help to ensure that you always have access to them while reducing clutter in your home. If you want to get the most out of your possessions, consider using a self-storage facility near you.

    Choosing the right Storage Unit in Mountain View, CA

  • How to be a Good Roommate

    Whether you’re moving off to college and shaking up in a dorm, moving in with a friend, or renting out a room in your home, sharing your living space with someone who you aren’t romantically involved with can be difficult. Fortunately, there are things you can and steps you can take to make your living arrangement more comfortable. From something as obvious as renting a storage unit in Mountain View for additional space to difficult conversations about privacy and boundaries, here are some things you can do to be a good roommate. Be Conscientious about Shared Space in Mountain View, CA

    Be Conscientious about Shared Space

    Unless you’re moving into a huge home, sharing a living space with another person can quickly feel cramped and crowded. To give your roommate a bit of extra breathing room, do not overwhelm the apartment or dorm room with your belongings. If you have a lot of stuff and don’t want to get rid of any of it, rent a self-storage unit and keep your extra belongings safely stored away until your living arrangement changes.

    Set Personal Boundaries

    Although roommate conflicts are not entirely unavoidable, you can lower the stress and diffuse conflict before it arises by setting personal boundaries with your roommate in regard to each other’s belongings and personal space. Make sure you and your roommate are both on the same page regarding each other’s personal boundaries and you will find yourself in a rather enjoyable living arrangement. If you have any belongings that you don’t want to share for personal or sentimental reasons, you can keep them safe and secure in a storage unit.

    Address Conflict Early and Honestly

    When conflict does arise—and it will—address the problem head-on before things get any worse. Communication is the key to any successful relationship, including the relationship between roommates. Talk about your feelings and about what can be done to remedy the situation to keep your problems from escalating. Of course there is the possibility that things might not work out, in which case it pays to have your things in a storage facility in Palo Alto that allows for prorated returns on early move-outs.

  • Signs You Need Extra Storage

    A cluttered home typically leads to a cluttered mind, which in turn can cause a cluttered life. Fortunately, there are storage facilities in Palo Alto that can help restore order by providing extra space to store your belongings. So, how do you know if you could benefit from a self-storage unit? If you recognize any of the following signs, contact a storage facility in Mountain View. Spacious storage facility in Mountain VIew, CA

    You Can’t Use Your Garage

    If you have a two- or three-car garage, it was probably one of the biggest selling points when you first bought your home. And while it’s perfectly acceptable to use your garage as storage, you’re missing out on the great benefits of using your garage for your vehicles. Not only will storing vehicles in a garage preserve their condition, but it will also prevent theft and vandalism. If your garage is full of boxes and items you don’t need on a regular basis, place them in a storage unit and start getting the most out of your garage.

    You Can’t Easily Find What You Need

    Are you always searching for something you need only to find something you don’t? Having a lot of stuff in your home can cause your life to become disorganized and cluttered, which can make it hard to find good spots for the things you use on a daily basis. Streamline your space by placing rarely used items in a self-storage unit. You’ll be amazed by how much time and frustration you’ll save once you can actually find what you need!

    You Aren’t Ready to Part with Your Things

    What other people see as junk maybe some of your most valuable possessions. If your closets are overflowing with things, you really only have three options if you want to organize your space: donate your belongings, hold a yard sale, or put everything in storage. If you aren’t ready to part with your things just yet, you can keep them and clear up your space with a self-storage unit.