• Tips for Taping Moving Boxes from Independence Storage

    Taping Boxes for Storage for Your Move in Mountain View, CA

    You can pack your boxes perfectly, but not taping them correctly can make your move a disaster. Independence Storage wants to provide you with tips for taping your moving boxes and transporting them to a self-storage unit. Learning some useful strategies for taping and packing your boxes can make your move easier and ensure everything gets into storage safely and securely. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information on our storage facility in Mountain View, CA.

    Taping Your Boxes for Storage 101

    When you’re packing up boxes to put in your storage unit rental, you should know the correct way to form sturdy boxes. You’ve spent time and money packing your self-storage unit, so you should spend that little bit of extra time to ensure your boxes are taped correctly. There’s more to taping up a box correctly than just slapping a piece of tape on it. For the best method, use four individual lines of tape to secure your box for the storage unit. Each piece of tape supports the bottom of the box, so your personal possessions are protected. After that, you’ll need to stack your boxes correctly and safely. Use a tape dispenser to save time and frustration. Our team can help you locate all of the supplies you will need for moving your belongings into storage so you can complete your moving process quickly and easily. The following steps tell you exactly how to tape your boxes for storage:

    1. 1. Lift your box up and tuck down the sides
    2. 2. Fold-down all the flaps at the bottom of your box, which is now upside down
    3. 3. Use a generously sized piece of tape running down the middle of the box where the flaps meet and extend down on each side
    4. 4. Push each piece of tape close to the surface
    5. 5. Use another piece of tape perpendicular to the first piece
    6. 6. Use two more pieces of tape to form an X from corner to corner
    7. 7. After packing your boxes, tuck in the top and push for a nice, tight seal in the middle
    8. 8. Tape straight down the center where the flaps meet as you did for the bottom
    9. 9. Use two parallel pieces of tape to fully secure your box

    Tips for Packing & Taping Boxes for Your Storage Unit

    Not all tape is created equal. Be sure you use packaging tape instead of scotch or masking tape for your boxes. Once you get all your boxes taped up safely, you need a storage facility to keep them secure. Packing your boxes securely may be a bit tedious, but it can make the difference between getting your items into storage without damaging them and having a nightmarish moving situation. Check out the following tips for packing boxes for your storage unit:

    • Using the Right Boxes – It may sound backward, but heavy items should be packed in small boxes, while light items should be placed in larger ones. Large boxes full of heavy items are difficult to move and are more likely to break during transport.
    • Packing Heavy to Light – Place heavier items at the bottom of your boxes and lighter items on top. This prevents lighter, fragile items from breaking and increases stability. Do the same thing when placing boxes in your storage unit, with heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top of them.
    • Filling in Empty Spaces – Too much empty space in a box allows items to shift around and potentially break. Fill in gaps with items such as towels, clothing, or packing paper.
    • Labeling and Taping Boxes Well – Label each of your boxes with its contents and the room of your home it belongs in. Use the color-coding strategy in the next section to make things even easier on yourself.

    Color Coding Your Storage Boxes Saves You Time

    Color coding your boxes can make it easier to find and retrieve them from your self-storage unit in the future. Feel free to get creative because you can use any color-coding system that makes sense to you or strikes your fancy. Just be sure to write down your color-coding system to make sure you remember it later! Taping pieces of colored paper or colored Post-it® notes can represent specific rooms or types of items so you can keep these groups of boxes together and easily find them later.

    Storing Your Belongings Securely at Independence Storage

    Packing and organizing your boxes is just one key aspect of moving. Another is choosing the best self-storage facility in Mountain View, CA. Independence Storage specializes in excellent customer service, customer-friendly features, and safety and security measures. Each of our storage units is ground-level and has a ten-foot-high ceiling. We have on-site managers to answer your questions and get you the help you need. We encourage you to take a tour of our storage facility and ask us any questions you have about packing your belongings. Contact our team today to reserve your storage unit.

  • Take Advantage of These Helpful Moving Hacks

    Moving can become overwhelming quickly, but fortunately, there are hacks you can use to make your relocation just a little bit easier. Using temporary storage in Mountain View to get items out of your way is one thing you can do to take part of the stress out of moving. This video offers even more advice.

    When a move is on the horizon, don’t wait until the last minute to get packing. Pack a little each day, and move packed boxes into your temporary storage unit as you go. Label all of your boxes, detailing exactly what is inside. This will help you find things easily in your storage unit and your new home. Don’t forget to pack a bag of essentials, so that you have easy access to a few changes of clothes and toiletries.

  • Getting the Most out of Your Storage Experience with These Packing Tips

    Moving can be stressful enough as it is without having to worry about items being broken or damaged during shipment and storage. In addition to looking for a dependable self-storage unit in Palo Alto, there are other steps that you can take to safely package your goods to ensure their protection. It’s easy to make a mistake in packaging that can make moving even more difficult, so keep these tips in mind to avoid problems during the process of moving. Sealed Packing Box in Mountain View, CA

    Safely pack boxes

    A well packed box will be easy to move from one location to another. For this reason, it is important to remember to keep boxes as light as possible. To avoid any struggles with heavy boxes, make sure to pack heavy items into smaller boxes while lighter items are packed into bigger boxes. If you do have to pack hefty valuables with delicate items, make sure to put your weighty items in the box first to avoid damage and use boxes efficiently.

    Properly seal boxes

    When you’re finished packing a box, it can be tempting to just put a few pieces of tape on the top and bottom and call it a day. However, depending on how heavy the box is, you will probably want to wrap both the bottom and top edges of the box in tape to ensure that the package is secure. This strategy can come in especially handy if you plan on storing any of your valuables at a storage facility, as it will protect them from potential water damage.

    Label each box

    While packing, it is a good idea to keep items intended for one specific room in the same box. Taking this approach allows you to label the boxes with not only the items inside, but also the room in which they will most likely be placed. Should you need to use a ground level storage unit, informative labelling will help you to keep track of everything you need to do in the moving process.

  • Tips for Taping Moving Boxes

    Before you bring your belongings to the storage facility in Mountain View , you have to properly pack your items so they remain safe while they are in the storage unit. Be sure that you have sturdy boxes so they properly protect your items while they are in storage.

    Place the box on its top and fold in all of the flaps of the bottom. Make sure they connect before you use a tape dispenser to close the box securely. Do this a few times along the seam of the box, and then add a few lines in the opposite direction to ensure that it is very strong. Once you pack the box with the items that you want to take to the storage unit in Mountain View, repeat the process on the top. Check out this video to learn more about the right way to tape a box.

    How to Tape Moving Boxes