• Strategies for Safely Packing Your Fragile Mirrors & Artwork

    Packing Tips from Independence Storage in Mountain View, CA

    Packing up your belongings to move them into storage requires time and effort. Independence Storage wants to make sure you pack your fragile mirrors and artwork safely. We offer self-storage units that are safe and affordable in Mountain View, CA. Whether you’re in between homes or don’t have enough room to keep your belongings, our storage units are the perfect solution. Read on to learn more about how to pack your fragile mirrors and artwork so you can store them at our secure facility. Contact us if you have any questions or are ready to get started by selecting your storage unit.

    Safe Strategies for Packing Mirrors & Artwork

    Before you load up your storage unit, you’ll want to make sure that your fragile possessions are packed correctly. If you leave your mirrors and artwork in a precarious packing situation, they might become damaged during your move into a self-storage unit. There’s no need to be nervous as long as you choose quality boxes that are specifically designed for moving these objects. These boxes are generally tall and long with the aim of eliminating jostling inside, so the items are packed tightly together. You can pack several frames and mirrors in the same box as long as you’re careful.

    Before you start working, have a large, flat surface to work on. Put packing paper in the bottom of the box you’ll be using. Place the object to be packed on the center of the table and wrap bubble wrap over the item and secure it with tape. Use two sheets of bubble wrap for particularly fragile items. Add wadded-up newspaper on the sides and top of the box to prevent any jostling. Close the ends of the box and apply a generous amount of tape. Mark the box as “pictures” or “mirrors” as well as “fragile.” Here are additional tips to ensure the safety of your fragile mirrors and artwork:

    • 1. Purchase the right type of boxes. There are specially-made boxes sized for mirrors and artwork.
    • 2. Make sure the bottom, sides, and top of each box have cushioning.
    • 3. Wrap your mirror or artwork in bubble wrap or packing paper. Be sure that the packing material is safe to use with the artwork.
    • 4. Label the box and mark it as fragile. Do not forget to add it to your storage unit inventory list.
    • 5. Look for high-quality storage units that offer climate control. This can help protect stored artwork.

    Packing Your Mirrors & Artwork for Storage

    Your mirrors and artwork are extremely fragile. Before you put these items into storage, you’ll want to pack them the right way to keep them safe. There are boxes made specifically for large mirrors and artwork, but you’ll need to do some prep work to your items before you place them into those boxes. Be sure to wrap bubble wrap around your mirrors and artwork and then tape around the item to keep the bubble wrap in place. Line the bottom of your boxes with packing paper to create a cushion. Place your mirror or framed artwork inside your box and fill in space around the item with additional packing paper.

    Why Should You Use Self-Storage?

    There are many reasons that you may want to take advantage of self-storage to store your mirrors or artwork. Sometimes you have an old piece of art that you don’t have room to display, but you don’t want to get rid of it. Other times, you may be in-between homes. Either way, relocating these items to a secure storage facility is often your best option. You can access your items whenever you like, and you can rest easy knowing that they’re located in a safe, secure, and dry facility. You might not look forward to packing up your mirrors or artwork, but taking the time to do so correctly can prevent them from being damaged in the move. There are many things that can go wrong during a move, but planning ahead and taking the proper precautions will make the process smooth and help you get everything to your storage unit in one piece.

    Choose Independence Storage for Your Fragile Items

    Just as it’s essential to pack your mirrors and artwork properly, it’s equally important to choose the right self-storage facility. Renting a storage unit is a convenient and affordable solution to storing your belongings for the long- or short-term. When you’re looking for a storage unit in Mountain View, CA, look no further than Independence Storage. Each of our storage units is on the ground-level with ten-foot-high ceilings. We provide excellent security and customizable billing for all of our customers. Visit us to take a tour of our storage facility or contact us to reserve your storage unit today.

  • Learn the Dos and Don’ts of Helping Your Child Pack for College

    Student storage facility in Mountain View, CA In college dorms, storage options are few and far between. If your child is going to a college far away and won’t be able to come home frequently to visit (and do laundry), then he or she will need to bring more stuff than the local college kids. Ahead of the move-in date, research options for student storage units in Mountain View. Renting a small, temporary storage unit for your child will minimize future frustration, as your child won’t have to ask you to mail out packages of his or her stuff every few weeks.

    Do limit your involvement in the packing process.

    College is an exciting, giant step toward independence for your child. As tempting as it is to do everything for him or her, your child needs the opportunity to learn from mistakes. However, you can teach by example. Have your child call the appropriate office on campus to ask about rules regarding what can and can’t be taken to the residence halls. If your child has trouble with organization, sit down with him or her and develop a master list of things to pack . Sort the list into categories, such as clothing, bedding, personal care items, electronics, school supplies, and kitchen items.

    Don’t hesitate to toss basic first aid items in a suitcase.

    Even a well-organized teenager might not think to pack basic first aid items. Give your child the following items:

    • Over-the-counter pain relievers/fever reducers
    • Band-Aids
    • Antibiotic ointment
    • Hydrogen peroxide
    • Cold pack

    If your child takes prescription medications or uses an inhaler for asthma, he or she should have extras on hand. Make sure the closest pharmacy to the campus has your child’s prescriptions and health insurance information on file.

    Do have your child get in touch with the roommate.

    It isn’t necessary to furnish dorm rooms—they already have beds, dressers, and desks. However, there are a few larger items your child may want, such as a mini fridge, microwave, and TV. Have your child call the new roommate to find out if he or she was already planning on bringing these items. There won’t be enough space for duplicates. It’s common for campuses to connect students to rental services for mini fridges, many of which are combination units that also have an attached microwave. Your child and the roommate could rent a unit together.

  • Take Advantage of These Helpful Moving Hacks

    Moving can become overwhelming quickly, but fortunately, there are hacks you can use to make your relocation just a little bit easier. Using temporary storage in Mountain View to get items out of your way is one thing you can do to take part of the stress out of moving. This video offers even more advice.

    When a move is on the horizon, don’t wait until the last minute to get packing. Pack a little each day, and move packed boxes into your temporary storage unit as you go. Label all of your boxes, detailing exactly what is inside. This will help you find things easily in your storage unit and your new home. Don’t forget to pack a bag of essentials, so that you have easy access to a few changes of clothes and toiletries.

  • What Shouldn’t You Pack for Storage?

    When you are organizing your belongings so that they can be placed in a temporary storage unit in Mountain View, it is important to make sure that you sort out items that should not be stored. While the vast majority of items will do great in a storage unit, there are certain materials and objects that may not be appropriate for placement in your storage unit facility.

    Live animals should never be placed in storage under any circumstances. Additionally, hazardous chemicals or explosive items are also not appropriate for a storage shed rental. If you are planning on storing any food items, you may want to set aside any products that are perishable. When food is left in a storage unit, it will quickly go bad. Finally, toxic waste products, such as asbestos or lead paint, should be safely discarded instead of stored. A company offering storage rental options can answer your questions about the dos and don’ts of self storage.

    storage - unit

  • Taking the Stress Out of Downsizing

    Moving to a smaller home might seem like a stressful process, but with the right tools and resources, you can do it with minimal hassle. Keep reading to see how a little bit of planning and a self-storage unit rental in Mountain View can help you downsize with ease. Taking the Stress Out of Downsizing Mountain View

    Think About What You Really Need

    One of the hardest parts about downsizing is saying goodbye to items that you think you need. Take a mental inventory of your belongings to think about the items that you actually need and those that you merely want. Consider if you were to lose all of your belongings and think about which items you would replace immediately. This helps you determine the possessions that have real meaning and importance in your life.

    Sell the Items You Do Not Need

    If you want to give yourself the incentive to get rid of some of your belongings, you should plan a yard sale that allows you to make money for these items that you cannot take. When you can put a positive spin on purging some of your belongings, it makes it much easier to decide which items you really need. The extra money you earn from the sale can help you find space-appropriate items for your new home.

    Consider the Size of Your Furniture

    Before you hire a moving company to transport your belongings to your new home and your new self-storage unit in Mountain View, think about how well your furniture will fit into the new space. If you have a lot of big pieces, you might want to trade them out for smaller, multifunctional furniture that will work better with your new home.

    Get a Storage Unit

    Storage facilities provide a hugely valuable resource when you are trying to downsize. With a high-quality storage unit, you have a safe place to store the belongings that you want to keep without taking up valuable space in your new home. If you know that you will not have room for some of your most treasured belongings, you might want to look into storage units that make it much easier to downsize.

  • Deciding What to Store and What to Purge

    When you are trying to clean out your home or office, it’s hard to decide what items to keep and which ones you can live without. Before you start loading up your storage unit rental near Mountain View , use the following tips to help you decide what to store and what to purge. Deciding What to Store and What to Purge Mountain View

    Use the One-Year Rule

    As you start to go through your belongings, think about the last time you used each item. If you have not found the need for a particular item in more than a year, you can probably purge it. You can use this rule to help you decide whether to keep or toss anything from clothing and jewelry to sports equipment and electronics.

    Think About Sentimental Value

    Certain belongings hold a sentimental value that makes them more important than other items. If you can associate a sentimental value to certain items, you probably want to put them into the storage unit. If you like something but it does not hold a special place in your heart, you might want to purge it.

    Look for Duplicates

    If you find any duplicates of certain belongings as you start to browse through your closet, you might want to consider purging the extra one. If you can get rid of duplicates, it helps you clear out your belongings without having to sacrifice the items that you really want to keep.

    Determine the Best Value

    There might be some items that you do not use regularly but you find it difficult to consider parting with them. If you find yourself in this situation, try to determine if it is more valuable to you to keep them or to sell them and earn some extra money.

    Get a Bigger Storage Unit

    If you have gone through your belongings and purged everything that you can but still cannot fit everything into your storage unit, you might want to consider getting a bigger one. The Mountain View storage facility has plenty of unit sizes to make it easy to find the space to store all of your belongings.

  • Packing Your Mirrors and Artwork for Storage

    Mirrors and artwork are extremely fragile. Before you put mirrors and artwork into storage, you need to pack them to keep them safe. Although they make boxes specifically for large mirrors and artwork, you will need to do some preparation to the items before putting them into the boxes. Wrap bubble wrap around the mirror or artwork and tape around the item to keep the wrap in place. Then line the bottom of the box with packing paper to create a cushion. Place the mirror or framed artwork inside the box and fill in the space around the item with more packing paper.

    Visit your self-storage facility in Mountain View for boxes, packing paper, and other packing supplies. Your self-storage facility should also provide packing tips to help keep your belongings safe while they are in storage.

    Mirror Mirror: Learn How to Pack Mirrors and Artwork