• Tips to Keep Pests Out of Your Storage Unit

    Every self-storage facility can be susceptible to pests, but you should still look for a reputable, clean storage rental company in Mountain View to improve your chances of keeping your belongings bug-free. After you rent the unit, set out a few mousetraps along the walls before you move your stuff inside. You could also put down a perimeter barrier of bug spray. Or, a natural pest control option is to sprinkle some diatomaceous earth around the storage unit.

    As you listen to the featured video, you’ll learn that bugs are often repelled by the scent of peppermint. Soak some cotton balls in peppermint oil, and place them in and around the furniture you’re storing. This video lists a few other natural pest repellents you can use in your storage rental, such as vinegar, baking soda, and cayenne pepper.

  • Can I Store My Piano?

    A piano is a cherished item that may stay in your family for generations. However, there may come a time when your home does not have the space necessary to store this large musical instrument. As you are reviewing your storage options in Mountain View , consider renting a self storage unit that is large enough to house your piano. By placing your piano in a storage unit, you can rest assured that it is in a safe and secure location. To help you prepare for storing your musical instrument, here is a look at some piano storage tips. piano - storage

    Prevent Dust Accumulation

    Dust can cause significant damage to your piano’s keys and other delicate components. When you are preparing to store your piano, you will need to take the steps that are necessary to prevent dust from accumulating within your instrument. A special cloth pad can be placed over the keys to keep dust away. Before you cover your piano, take the time to ensure that it has been dusted thoroughly.

    Clean and Polish the Surface

    Before you move your piano into your storage unit, you will need to take the time to make sure that is has been properly cleaned and polished. Placing a dirty piano in storage can lead to the deterioration of its exterior surfaces over time. A special piano polishing product can be used to clean, buff, and protect the body of your piano. Once you have taken the time to clean any dirt or residue from your piano, you will be ready to start the moving and packing process.

    Use a Protective Covering

    Pianos are very delicate, and they can become seriously damaged if they are not moved with the utmost care. If you are planning on placing your piano into storage, consider investing in a protective covering that will prevent bumps, scratches, and other forms of damage. Along with protecting your piano during the move, the cover can provide another layer of protection against dust and humidity.

  • Make Moving Easier by Taking Advantage of Self-Storage

    Moving to a new home can be a stressful process, but there are many ways to help ease the stress and make moving easier for you and your family. Using temporary storage near Mountain View is one way to take off some pressure to move items right away or store belongings you are not ready to part with. Let’s take a closer look at how self-storage can ease your moving process .

    The moving process involves a lot of organization. In addition to organizing your daily life to move from one place to another, you must organize the furniture, decorations, dishes, and personal belongings in your home. You can make this process much easier by renting a storage unit throughout the moving process. For example, if you must wait to move into your new home, then you can store many of your belongings into temporary storage until you can move into your new home. If you need to move right away, then you use temporary storage to keep items safe until you have the time to sort through them. Self-storage gives you more control and eases the moving process for you and your family.

    storage - unit

  • Features to Look for in a Self-Storage Location

    If you need a professional and secure self-storage unit, then there are certain features to look for in your Mountain View storage rental company . Tight security measures and customizability are incredibly important to the safety of your items and their housing. When you choose a storage location and storage units with excellent security features and expansive units, then you can feel more secure in your chose of storage rental company. Continue reading to learn the important features needed in a self-storage facility. storage - unit

    Excellent Security

    Security is one of the most important features to look for in your self-storage facility. You must feel confident that you can store your treasured heirlooms and belongings in a secure location. The most secure self-storage facilities will have on-site managers to monitor all of the units and the property. Facilities should also keep the property protected with gates and individual electronic key pads. These security measures will ensure that only you can access your items, and you can feel safe and confident in your self-storage facility.

    Expansive Units

    Stored items have a way of expanding, especially as you continue through your life and gather more mementos and personal items. You need a storage unit that can accommodate your growing amount of storage. Quality storage facilities and storage rental companies will rent out a variety of storage sizes to suit your needs. These units should have high ceilings to give you the maximum amount of space in whichever unit size you choose.

    Customizable Billing

    A great self-storage facility will give you many options in storage units and billing. There are many different ways to pay, such as weekly, monthly, and annually. In addition to versatile payment options, you can work with your storage manager to find the right price for you. A storage rental company should be dedicated to giving you as many billing and storage options available. Look for the facility that places a priority on your comfort and peace of mind.

  • Store Your Belongings to Help Keep Them Safe

    A storage unit in Palo Alto can be a great way to store your belongings , but you need to know how to organize your belongings so that everything stays safe while you’re away. People often deal with broken or destroyed belongings because they didn’t do enough planning in advance when deciding how to store the materials. The good news is that it’s not difficult to store your belongings in a safe way—you just need to know how it works. If you’re thinking about renting out a storage unit, continue reading and find out how to store your belongings to help keep them safe.

    Just because your belongings were all fine when you dropped them off at the storage unit doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be in the same condition when you come back to them. Boxes can fall over and onto each other, and they can give out under the weight of their contents. If you are going to be stacking boxes, make sure larger boxes are placed near the bottom. You should also leave an aisle so that you don’t accidentally step on or kick any of your boxes when you return to the storage unit.

    storage - unit

  • Helpful Self-Storage Tips

    If you’re thinking about self-storage in Palo Alto for the first time, think about how you plan to organize your belongings. Although you can access your storage unit whenever you need to, keep in mind that it’ll be easier to reach some items than others. Consider the importance of each box that you pack and keep the most prudent items at the front, and cover up your furniture to preserve its condition. Don’t forget to label your boxes so you can easily find whatever you’re looking for when you come back to the storage unit. Read ahead for some helpful self-storage tips. storage - unit

    Make Your Belongings Accessible

    Depending on the size of your storage unit and the number of belongings you have to store, it might be difficult to access all of your items. Since there are certain items that you would rather be more accessible, keep these items by the front of the storage space. You can keep seasonal things like holiday decorations towards the back of the unit, as you won’t need them throughout the bulk of the year. If your storage unit is big enough, you can also leave an aisle open so you can easily move about the space.

    Cover Up Your Furniture

    It’s a good idea to cover up any furniture that you leave in your storage unit. This will keep dust from accumulating on top of your sofas, couches, and coffee tables. Additionally, covering up your furniture will protect it from bugs. Pests can do some serious damage to your furniture, and furniture doesn’t tend to be cheap. If you want to do everything you can to protect the belongings you leave in your storage unit, don’t forget to cover them up.

    Label Everything

    Many people end up spending much more time than they meant to in their storage unit because they can’t find what they’re looking for. This is why it helps to label all of your boxes and include an inventory with each one. This way you can just look at the outside of the box to tell what’s inside instead of rummaging through it.

  • Your Guide to Essential Packing Materials

    Packing materials are the key to keeping your belongings safe during a move or in temporary storage near Palo Alto. Packing paper, item specific boxes, and labels will keep your items protected while sitting in a storage unit, and they can make it easier to move items throughout your new house. Let’s take a closer look at the essential packing materials you will need the next time you move. packing - materials

    Correct Boxes

    Using the correct boxes to pack and store specific items is the key to keeping these items safe and secure while moving or sitting in storage. For example, your mirrors and artwork should be moved or stored in mirror-specific boxes. If you no longer have the original packages these items came in, then ask your storage rental company or professional movers for narrow boxes that will fit and safely contain your fragile mirrors and artwork. You can also purchase wardrobe boxes that have a hangar rod in them; these boxes will help you move and store your hanging clothes and other items that can safely fit in the box. Speak with your storage rental company about available boxes that can be used to move or store certain items correctly.

    Labeling Materials

    One of the simplest, yet often overlooked, packing aids are labeling materials. Purchase large, colored markers, colored tape, and any other colored labels that can safely affix to your items and the walls of your house. By labeling your boxes with a marker, you can clearly locate what is in every box and where it should be packed. You can use different colors to denote different areas of your house. Label each room with the corresponding colored tape so that movers can easily place boxes and furniture where they should be.

    Safety Materials

    In addition to the correct boxes, you need to use the correct materials to keep your items safe while traveling or in your storage unit. Bubble wrap and packing paper will be the items of choice to keep your mirrors, dishes, and other fragile items safe.

  • How Self-Storage Can Help You Get Organized at Home

    You may think your home has plenty of room for all of your possessions, but you may find that self-storage near Mountain View can help significantly while organizing your home. By renting a storage unit , you have a safe and protected space for all of your extra furniture, seasonal clothes, and important documents. self - storage

    Store College Students’ Belongings

    When your children head off to college, you may be left with a couple rooms full of unused furniture, clothes, knickknacks, and decorations. Instead of letting this collect dust in your home, pack all of these items safely to be stored in your storage rental. Self-storage is easily accessible, so when your children return from college, either permanently or for an extended break, they can retrieve their items whenever they want. Using college storage is another way to keep your children’s possessions safe until they have a house or family of their own to furnish with their childhood memories.

    Store Seasonal Clothes and Decorations

    Instead of letting clothes clutter your dressers and closets, keep them stored by their season. As each season turns, you can easily return to your storage unit and switch out a container of winter clothes for spring clothes, or vice versa. The same goes for seasonal decorations. Many people love decorating for the winter holidays, but they have no convenient place to keep their decorations the rest of the year. The longer these items are not put into storage, the longer they will clutter up your house.

    Store Important Documents

    You are supposed to keep tax documents for a certain number of years. Mortgage information, bills, and any other important documents must also be kept for a certain number of years. Even though you rarely need these items, they need to be accessible at times, and that is where self-storage comes in handy. You can organize your office by packing your documents in a secured document container and placing them in your storage rental. This will go a long way toward decluttering and organizing your home.

  • Can Self-Storage Help You Sell Your Home?

    Staging is among the most important elements of the home selling process. When you are gearing up to start showing your home to potential buyers, you may want to consider a storage rental to assist you with the staging process. Storage units allow you to house your personal belongings and clutter so that your home becomes more appealing to buyers. By taking out your personal items and any other unnecessary objects, you will allow potential buyers to more easily imagine themselves living in your home. Moving your belongings into a temporary storage unit near Mountain View can also give you a jump start on the moving process.

    If you have questions about your storage options, be sure to get in touch with a facility near you. From high-security storage units to temporary storage and more, your local storage unit facility can provide you with the right storage services for your upcoming home move.

    self - storage

  • Tips for Making Organizing Your Storage Unit Easier

    When you have an empty storage unit in front of you, it is common to think you have a lot of space. However, once you start filling it up, that extra space can quickly disappear. The best way to make use of all of your space is to carefully organize your storage unit near Mountain View. With the right organization tips, you can take better advantage of that extra space with a little room to spare. storage - unit

    Plan Ahead

    The biggest tip anyone can utilize when packing a storage unit is to plan ahead. Think about every item you are planning on storing and where it would fit best. Consider how many boxes you will have, along with the amount of furniture. Plan out a narrow path that will keep all of your important stored items accessible and easy to reach. Do not stack boxes and furniture so high that you will not be able to reach them when needed.

    Place Frequent-Use Items in Front

    Along with making a pathway, be aware of where you place your furniture and boxes in the storage unit. Plan out your unit so the lesser-used items are stored towards the back and out of the way. Make sure any containers you know will be in frequent use are stored towards the front of the unit.

    Disassemble Furniture

    You can save a lot of room in your storage rental by disassembling as much furniture as possible. Take the legs off of tables and chairs, and dismantle bed frames. This action will make it easier to bundle furniture together and lean it to one side or corner of the unit. Just remember to keep all hardware in labeled containers near the furniture it accompanies.

    Take Advantage of Large Furniture

    Some furniture may not be easily disassembled, so make use of it instead. For example, with large and hollow furniture, such as wardrobes or entertainment centers, you can store boxes or decorations in the open spaces. Linens or winter coats may be stored in dressers or chests.

  • Keeping Important Paperwork Safe in Storage

    One of the best ways to keep all of the important paperwork that you need to save for business purposes safe is to lock it up in a storage facility . By doing this, you will ensure that it is secure at all times and that you have access to it whenever you need it. Before you place your documents into a self-storage facility in Mountain View, though, there are some steps you should take to make sure you don’t have to worry about your paperwork while it’s being stored. Check out some of those steps out below.

    storage facility palo alto

    Use Boxes Designed for Document Storage

    Whether you are storing legal or letter size documents, there are boxes created specifically for the purpose of storing important paperwork. You should obtain as many of these boxes as you need and put your paperwork in them. Make sure you don’t overstuff the boxes, and resist the urge to make them any heavier than 30 pounds. This will allow you to transport the boxes more easily. You should also label your boxes so that you can find paperwork later.

    Keep Your Document Storage Boxes Off the Ground

    When you begin moving your document storage boxes into your storage facility, you should make an effort to keep them off the ground. Ideally, you should install shelving units inside of your storage unit rental, but you can also place palettes down in the unit if shelving isn’t an option. This will prevent the documents from getting damaged if your unit ever takes on water or has a pest problem

    Place Extra Important Paperwork Into a Fireproof Safe

    In the event of a fire at your self-storage facility, you want to ensure that your most important documents are safe. You can protect them by purchasing a fireproof safe and filling it with those documents that are the most important to you. You should also lock up any documents that need to remain private and check on your self-storage unit periodically to make sure your paperwork is secure.

  • Self-Storage: The Smart Choice for Students

    The average college dorm room or apartment doesn’t provide much room for storage. As a result, you will probably not be able to keep all of your personal possessions in your room or apartment with you when you attend college. This doesn’t mean that you can’t bring them with you to college, though! Instead of leaving them behind at home, you can store items in a storage unit located nearby. Here is why you should consider renting space at a self-storage facility in Palo Alto. student self storage palo alto

    You won’t have to bring all of your possessions back home at the end of every school year.

    At the end of every school year, you are required to move out of your dorm room and take all of your belongings back home. This can be a huge hassle for you, especially if you live far from campus. Rather than moving your items back and forth several times over the course of your college career, why not rent a storage unit that will serve as the perfect place to store your belongings? It will cut down on the moving you need to do at the beginning and end of every school year.

    You will give yourself more space to study and relax in your dorm room or apartment.

    If you bring too many items to school with you and try to make them fit into your dorm room or apartment, you will be forced to sacrifice some of the precious space you have. College dorm rooms and apartments usually aren’t that big to begin with, so it will have an impact on your ability to use your room or apartment. By investing in a self-storage unit, you will give yourself the space you need.

    You will give yourself a space to safely keep your valuable possessions.

    Storing valuable possessions in a dorm room or apartment is never a good idea. Thefts take place on college campuses all the time, so if you have items that are especially important to you, you should keep them locked away in a secure storage unit at all times.

  • How to Stage Your Home for Sale

    When you are selling your home, you want to make potential homebuyers feel like it could be their home when they walk through it. In order to make this possible, you should stage your home by taking any personal possessions you have in your house and putting them into a storage unit. Independence Storage offers affordable storage units near Mountain View that are perfect for helping homeowners stage their homes.

    As soon as you make the decision to sell your home, you should walk through it with boxes and put any items that are personal to you and your family inside of them. From photos to knick-knacks that you have accumulated over the years, you want to declutter your home as much as you can. You can then take those boxes and place them into a storage unit until your home has been sold. Staging your home like this will usually help you sell your home quicker, and it will also allow you to get a jump start on packing for your move. When you trust Independence Storage with your possessions, you can rest easy knowing you have a secure storage facility on your side.

    storage unit mountain view

  • Finding the Right Self-Storage Unit

    Whether you are in need of extra storage space at home or you have items you don’t need but aren’t ready to part with, renting a self-storage unit in Palo Alto is a convenient, inexpensive way to give yourself extra storage space . When looking for a storage unit, you will find that most self-storage facilities offer a range of sizes of storage units.

    Check out this video to get a better idea of what types of storage units are available to rent. Ranging from the size of a large closet all the way up to a multiple car garage, storage units come in a variety of sizes to suit anyone’s needs. This makes it easy to find the right storage unit for you!

    Rent the perfect self storage unit

  • The Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

    When it comes to housing, the phrase “less is more” certainly applies. If you live in a larger home and have a lot of personal belongings, the thought of downsizing to a smaller space can be daunting. However, there are many benefits to downsizing your home that it is something every homeowner should consider. With access to storage unit rentals in Palo Alto , downsizing can be easy. By renting self-storage units, homeowners are able to free up extra space. Once excess belongings are moved into a self-storage facility, homeowners will likely discover that they could easily downsize into a smaller space. Self-storage units are a convenient way to store items that are not frequently used, making it easier to live in a smaller space. To learn more about the benefits of downsizing your living space, continue reading.

    storage unit rental palo alto

    Save Money

    The bigger the house, the bigger the costs will be to maintain the house. Not only does the real estate value go up in conjunction with more square feet, but also there are many other costs that are associated with larger homes. It costs more to heat and cool, and more rooms equals more lighting fixtures—both of these lead to higher energy costs. Larger homes also have higher property taxes, insurance premiums, and maintenance costs.

    Reduce Chores and Maintenance

    In addition to saving money, you can save yourself time by downsizing to a smaller home. When there is less physical space to clean, it takes less time. Downsizing to a smaller home also means there is less upkeep than in a larger home. Maintenance costs of smaller homes are much less than those of larger homes.

    Increase Access to Entertainment

    Downsizing to a smaller space opens up more options to locations. In urban areas, smaller living accommodations are common due to real estate demand. You can take advantage of being able to live closer to the action by downsizing into a smaller home. You’ll be closer to restaurants, bars, and other sources of entertainment.

  • The History of Self-Storage

    Renting a self-storage unit in Palo Alto is a great way to store items you want to hold on to, but just don’t have the room for at home. There are many reasons to consider renting a self-storage unit. Many people make use of storage facilities to store furniture, family possessions, and seasonal items that are only used a small portion of the year. Storage unit rental is an easy way to transition during a move, especially when downsizing homes. Having a storage unit in a secure storage facility means you can be assured that your belongings are safely stored. Even though many people take advantage of all the conveniences self-storage has to offer, not everyone knows the history behind self-storage. To learn more about how self-storage units have become commonplace for many people, continue reading. self storage unit palo alto

    Origins of Self-Storage

    While it is difficult to provide concrete confirmation to support this theory, there is actually some evidence to suggest that self-storage dates all the way back to ancient China. Artifacts that date back thousands of years indicate that the Chinese used clay pots as storage vessels and that these storage pots were all kept in one location. Of course, it is hard to say how exactly these storage units were used.

    Foundation of Modern Self-Storage

    Beginning in the late 1800s, different businesses pioneered the concept of moving household items locally and long distances, which also led to the storage of personal items in warehouses and other facilities. However, self-storage units as they have come to be known today originated in Texas in the 1960s. These were the first self-storage units to feature garage-style doors and could be accessed individually by the owner. This is when the idea of self-storage facilities gained popularity.

    Self-Storage Today

    From the 1960s to today, the number of self-storage facilities steadily increased. Eventually, demand for more facilities led to an influx of self-storage facilities across the United States. Today, storage units offer state-of-the-art technology in security and 24-hour monitoring, as well as features such as temperature control and different sized units to meet any need.

  • Helpful Tips for Choosing a Storage Facility

    Are you in need of a storage unit rental or student storage? If so, it’s important that you choose the right storage facility in Mountain View. Your storage facility should offer self-storage units that meet your needs and budget, and it should be conveniently located. Here are some helpful tips for choosing a storage facility in your area. storage unit rental

    Determine the Size Needed for Your Storage Unit Rental

    The first thing that you need to do is determine what size storage unit you’ll need. Most storage facilities have storage units in a variety of sizes, and you want to make sure that you don’t end up with more or less storage space than you need. You can estimate your self-storage unit size by mapping out which items you plan on storing. You should always choose a storage unit that is slightly larger than you think you’ll need, so that you’ll have room to retrieve items from the unit as needed.

    Visit a Few Storage Facilities in Your Area

    Don’t just choose the closest or cheapest storage facility in your area. Instead, visit a few different storage facilities in person. You want to confirm that the storage facilities are clean, well managed, secure, and easily accessible. You can even ask the manager or owner to show you a storage unit rental so that you can see what you’ll be working with. Once you’ve visited a few storage facilities, it will be easier to make your decision.

    Ask About Security Features and Billing Options

    It’s crucial that you rent a storage unit at a secure storage facility. The storage facility that you choose should have locked or keypad access to storage units so that only customers can enter the storage area. You might also consider looking for a storage facility that has security cameras or security guards on duty after hours. Also ask about the storage facility’s billing options. Some facilities offer flexible billing options and don’t require yearly leases.

  • Customer-Friendly Features at Independence Storage

    At Independence Storage , we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and an overall wonderful experience for our customers. Our customer-friendly features make us one of the most popular self-storage facilities in Palo Alto. Each storage unit rental is a ground level storage unit with ten-foot high ceilings. We offer a variety of self-storage unit sizes to ensure that each customer gets the storage unit rental that he needs.

    Our secure storage facility protects customers’ storage units with electronic keypad access. Our office is open Monday through Saturday, and customers have access to their storage units seven days a week, 365 days a year. During office hours, there is always a manager on-site to answer customer questions and provide service.

    To make self-storage easy for our customers, we offer flexible billing and payment options. There is no minimum stay for our storage unit rentals, and any unused rent is refunded after your first month of use. You can rent an affordable storage unit without having to commit to a full year’s lease. We also offer discounts for pre-payment, and allow our customers to sign up for automatic payments.

    independence storage

  • Questions to Ask When You’re Renting a Storage Unit

    You can make sure that you get the most out of your storage unit rental near Mountain View if you ask the right questions of the self-storage facility’s manager before signing a rental agreement. You should make sure that you know the storage facility’s rental contract and billing options, access hours and security features, and available storage unit sizes. Here are just a few of the questions that you should ask before committing to a storage unit rental. storage unit rental in mountain view

    What Are Your Rental Terms and Billing Options?

    Before renting a self-storage unit, you should determine how long you think you’ll need to store your belongings there. If you aren’t really sure how long you’ll need your storage unit, you should choose a storage facility that offers flexible rental contracts and billing options. This allows you to rent a storage unit month-to-month, rather than on a long-term lease, making it easier to store your items without worrying about them. You can also choose to pre-pay for your unit when it’s convenient for you, rather than receiving a monthly bill.

    How Secure is the Storage Facility And What are Your Access Hours?

    Regardless of what you’ll be storing in your self-storage unit, you want to choose a secure storage facility. A secure storage facility will only allow access via an electronic keypad to ensure that your belongings are safe from theft or vandalism. You’ll also want to be clear on what the access hours are for your storage facility. Some storage facilities only allow renters access to their storage units during certain hours.

    What Sizes Do You Offer for Self-Storage Units?

    You should rent a storage unit that is slightly larger than you think you’ll need, so that you’ll have room to find and retrieve boxes when you need to access your items. Find out from the storage facility manager what storage unit sizes they offer to renters. Make sure that they offer a storage unit in a size that meets your particular needs.

  • Creative Ways to Get Rid of Clutter

    It is easy to allow clutter to build up in your home, but it can also be easy to remove it! Between donations, recycling, and storage units near Mountain View, you have plenty of options when it comes to clearing out your living space. Be sure to stay organized and methodical in your storage unit planning approach, put your needs to the test, and give your extra things to someone who could use them. Read on for a closer look at some of these creative ways to get rid of clutter. Storage Units Mountain View

    Break It Down

    rounding up a few large boxes and sorting your clutter among them. One box might be for items that you plan to donate, another might be for recycling, and a third might be for belongings that will go to your storage unit rental. Keep these boxes handy as you gradually sort more and more items into each of them. After a week of sorting into these boxes, take them to their designated locations.

    Challenge Yourself

    Many people hold onto items that they do not need because they are convinced that they will still make use of them someday. You can look at your belongings objectively by challenging yourself to only use the ones you need. You might decide to wear only a certain amount of outfits per month so that you can eliminate the ones that you evidently do not favor; then you can give these eliminated garments to friends, family members, or those who are in need.

    Spread the Wealth

    Some have overcome extensive clutter by making it a point to give their things away on a daily basis. If you give even one item away to someone else each day, you can eliminate your clutter while making a different person happy. This can even serve as an opportunity to strengthen your relationships with friends and family members by giving them thoughtful gifts.