• Strategies for Safely Packing Your Fragile Mirrors & Artwork

    Packing Tips from Independence Storage in Mountain View, CA

    Packing up your belongings to move them into storage requires time and effort. Independence Storage wants to make sure you pack your fragile mirrors and artwork safely. We offer self-storage units that are safe and affordable in Mountain View, CA. Whether you’re in between homes or don’t have enough room to keep your belongings, our storage units are the perfect solution. Read on to learn more about how to pack your fragile mirrors and artwork so you can store them at our secure facility. Contact us if you have any questions or are ready to get started by selecting your storage unit.

    Safe Strategies for Packing Mirrors & Artwork

    Before you load up your storage unit, you’ll want to make sure that your fragile possessions are packed correctly. If you leave your mirrors and artwork in a precarious packing situation, they might become damaged during your move into a self-storage unit. There’s no need to be nervous as long as you choose quality boxes that are specifically designed for moving these objects. These boxes are generally tall and long with the aim of eliminating jostling inside, so the items are packed tightly together. You can pack several frames and mirrors in the same box as long as you’re careful.

    Before you start working, have a large, flat surface to work on. Put packing paper in the bottom of the box you’ll be using. Place the object to be packed on the center of the table and wrap bubble wrap over the item and secure it with tape. Use two sheets of bubble wrap for particularly fragile items. Add wadded-up newspaper on the sides and top of the box to prevent any jostling. Close the ends of the box and apply a generous amount of tape. Mark the box as “pictures” or “mirrors” as well as “fragile.” Here are additional tips to ensure the safety of your fragile mirrors and artwork:

    • 1. Purchase the right type of boxes. There are specially-made boxes sized for mirrors and artwork.
    • 2. Make sure the bottom, sides, and top of each box have cushioning.
    • 3. Wrap your mirror or artwork in bubble wrap or packing paper. Be sure that the packing material is safe to use with the artwork.
    • 4. Label the box and mark it as fragile. Do not forget to add it to your storage unit inventory list.
    • 5. Look for high-quality storage units that offer climate control. This can help protect stored artwork.

    Packing Your Mirrors & Artwork for Storage

    Your mirrors and artwork are extremely fragile. Before you put these items into storage, you’ll want to pack them the right way to keep them safe. There are boxes made specifically for large mirrors and artwork, but you’ll need to do some prep work to your items before you place them into those boxes. Be sure to wrap bubble wrap around your mirrors and artwork and then tape around the item to keep the bubble wrap in place. Line the bottom of your boxes with packing paper to create a cushion. Place your mirror or framed artwork inside your box and fill in space around the item with additional packing paper.

    Why Should You Use Self-Storage?

    There are many reasons that you may want to take advantage of self-storage to store your mirrors or artwork. Sometimes you have an old piece of art that you don’t have room to display, but you don’t want to get rid of it. Other times, you may be in-between homes. Either way, relocating these items to a secure storage facility is often your best option. You can access your items whenever you like, and you can rest easy knowing that they’re located in a safe, secure, and dry facility. You might not look forward to packing up your mirrors or artwork, but taking the time to do so correctly can prevent them from being damaged in the move. There are many things that can go wrong during a move, but planning ahead and taking the proper precautions will make the process smooth and help you get everything to your storage unit in one piece.

    Choose Independence Storage for Your Fragile Items

    Just as it’s essential to pack your mirrors and artwork properly, it’s equally important to choose the right self-storage facility. Renting a storage unit is a convenient and affordable solution to storing your belongings for the long- or short-term. When you’re looking for a storage unit in Mountain View, CA, look no further than Independence Storage. Each of our storage units is on the ground-level with ten-foot-high ceilings. We provide excellent security and customizable billing for all of our customers. Visit us to take a tour of our storage facility or contact us to reserve your storage unit today.

  • Tips for Taping Moving Boxes from Independence Storage

    Taping Boxes for Storage for Your Move in Mountain View, CA

    You can pack your boxes perfectly, but not taping them correctly can make your move a disaster. Independence Storage wants to provide you with tips for taping your moving boxes and transporting them to a self-storage unit. Learning some useful strategies for taping and packing your boxes can make your move easier and ensure everything gets into storage safely and securely. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need more information on our storage facility in Mountain View, CA.

    Taping Your Boxes for Storage 101

    When you’re packing up boxes to put in your storage unit rental, you should know the correct way to form sturdy boxes. You’ve spent time and money packing your self-storage unit, so you should spend that little bit of extra time to ensure your boxes are taped correctly. There’s more to taping up a box correctly than just slapping a piece of tape on it. For the best method, use four individual lines of tape to secure your box for the storage unit. Each piece of tape supports the bottom of the box, so your personal possessions are protected. After that, you’ll need to stack your boxes correctly and safely. Use a tape dispenser to save time and frustration. Our team can help you locate all of the supplies you will need for moving your belongings into storage so you can complete your moving process quickly and easily. The following steps tell you exactly how to tape your boxes for storage:

    1. 1. Lift your box up and tuck down the sides
    2. 2. Fold-down all the flaps at the bottom of your box, which is now upside down
    3. 3. Use a generously sized piece of tape running down the middle of the box where the flaps meet and extend down on each side
    4. 4. Push each piece of tape close to the surface
    5. 5. Use another piece of tape perpendicular to the first piece
    6. 6. Use two more pieces of tape to form an X from corner to corner
    7. 7. After packing your boxes, tuck in the top and push for a nice, tight seal in the middle
    8. 8. Tape straight down the center where the flaps meet as you did for the bottom
    9. 9. Use two parallel pieces of tape to fully secure your box

    Tips for Packing & Taping Boxes for Your Storage Unit

    Not all tape is created equal. Be sure you use packaging tape instead of scotch or masking tape for your boxes. Once you get all your boxes taped up safely, you need a storage facility to keep them secure. Packing your boxes securely may be a bit tedious, but it can make the difference between getting your items into storage without damaging them and having a nightmarish moving situation. Check out the following tips for packing boxes for your storage unit:

    • Using the Right Boxes – It may sound backward, but heavy items should be packed in small boxes, while light items should be placed in larger ones. Large boxes full of heavy items are difficult to move and are more likely to break during transport.
    • Packing Heavy to Light – Place heavier items at the bottom of your boxes and lighter items on top. This prevents lighter, fragile items from breaking and increases stability. Do the same thing when placing boxes in your storage unit, with heavy boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top of them.
    • Filling in Empty Spaces – Too much empty space in a box allows items to shift around and potentially break. Fill in gaps with items such as towels, clothing, or packing paper.
    • Labeling and Taping Boxes Well – Label each of your boxes with its contents and the room of your home it belongs in. Use the color-coding strategy in the next section to make things even easier on yourself.

    Color Coding Your Storage Boxes Saves You Time

    Color coding your boxes can make it easier to find and retrieve them from your self-storage unit in the future. Feel free to get creative because you can use any color-coding system that makes sense to you or strikes your fancy. Just be sure to write down your color-coding system to make sure you remember it later! Taping pieces of colored paper or colored Post-it® notes can represent specific rooms or types of items so you can keep these groups of boxes together and easily find them later.

    Storing Your Belongings Securely at Independence Storage

    Packing and organizing your boxes is just one key aspect of moving. Another is choosing the best self-storage facility in Mountain View, CA. Independence Storage specializes in excellent customer service, customer-friendly features, and safety and security measures. Each of our storage units is ground-level and has a ten-foot-high ceiling. We have on-site managers to answer your questions and get you the help you need. We encourage you to take a tour of our storage facility and ask us any questions you have about packing your belongings. Contact our team today to reserve your storage unit.

  • Self-Storage Insurance Information from Independence Storage

    Why You Should Insure Stored Items in Mountain View, CA

    Most of us have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, which covers the belongings in our home. For the same reasons, it makes sense to have insurance for your items in storage in Mountain View, CA. Independence Storage goes above and beyond to be the most secure and convenient self-storage facility in the area. We want to ensure you have all the information you need when it comes to self-storage insurance. With health insurance, auto insurance, and homeowner’s insurance, it may seem like you don’t need another form of insurance to deal with. Find out if storage insurance is important and whether you should bother with it. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you.

    Do You Need Self-Storage Insurance?

    Self-storage units are a great place to store items that you don’t have room for at home. They’re also perfect for temporary storage if you’re in between moves or have kids away at college. No matter what your reason for renting a self-storage unit is, you may have one lingering question: do you need self-storage insurance? Many people who visit a storage facility for the first time may not be familiar with whether or not they should take out additional insurance for their storage unit. In many cases, your existing homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy already includes items you keep in a storage unit rental. It’s important to check your policy to make sure you’re covered. If you aren’t covered or simply don’t have insurance, ask the storage facility for more information. Another vital thing to do is to find a storage facility that offers additional security like Independence Storage.

    Insurance Tips for First-Time Storage Renters

    If you’re struggling to find enough space in your home for all of your belongings, you may want to consider renting a storage unit. A self-storage is an excellent option for anyone who needs a safe, secure place to store their personal possessions. There are many things to consider before renting a storage unit for the first time, including buying insurance, keeping your unit organized, and making the most of your space:

    • Buying Insurance – Self-storage is generally a secure option, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Insuring your property can give you peace of mind. Keep a thorough record of every item you keep in your storage unit and take photographs if you can. This will help you be fully prepared against any eventuality.
    • Not Overstuffing Your Unit – You’ll likely be surprised at how much you can fit in one of our storage units. But that doesn’t mean you should just cram boxes in the unit willy-nilly. Be careful to keep your storage unit organized and accessible. Leave a path so you can walk through your unit and easily access all of your items at any given time. Leave at least some space between your boxes and the unit’s walls. Make sure you turn the lights on as soon as you enter the unit so you don’t stumble.
    • Making the Most of Your Space – Planning ahead is key, so you don’t run out of the room, and your storage unit is organized. Put some thought into where to put all of your items. If you have a larger item such as a couch, you’ll want to place it at the back where it will take up as little space as possible. You may also be able to pack light boxes on top of the couch.

    Should You Insure Your Items in Storage?

    It’s recommended to keep your items insured, no matter what you store in your storage unit. Your items should be protected by being at a secure storage unit. The added protection of insurance is essential in case anything unfortunate occurs. The team at Independence Storage can help you find the right storage insurance for you and answer any questions you may have. Your insurance policy can cover damages in the unlikely event that your storage unit is invaded or vandalized. Insurance policies can also cover potential water damage or pest damage.

    Keeping Your Belongings Secure at Independence Storage

    While you should insure your belongings in storage, choosing a safe and secure self-storage facility is equally important. Choosing Independence Storage in Mountain View, CA means you can rest easy knowing your items are safe and secure. We also pride ourselves on our customer service and have on-site managers for your convenience. Visit our storage facility today to take a tour and learn more. Contact us today to reserve your storage unit.

  • Tips for Packing Fragile Items from Independence Storage

    How to Pack Your Fragile Items for Storage in Mountain View, CA

    Fragile items require extra care when packing and moving. Independence Storage is happy to offer you some tips for packing your fragile items to move them into our storage units in Mountain View, CA. Fragile items are those that can break easily, including glass, valuable collectibles, musical instruments, and more. It’s important to spend a bit of extra time to ensure you’re packing and transporting these fragile items safely. No one wants anything to break while moving, so be sure to learn how to pack your fragile items for storage. Contact our team with any questions or to get a quote for a self-storage unit.

    How to Pack and Move Your Fragile Items

    If you’re moving fine china into a storage unit, you’ll need to take extra care to ensure your fragile belongings come out in one piece. Start by layering a compact box that weighs no more than 10 pounds with packing peanuts. Wrap each piece of china individually. Bubble wrap is a great way to wrap fragile items. Place your wrapped china inside the box vertically and fill the empty space between them with packing peanuts or crumpled newspaper. Seal the box and mark it as “fragile” with a marker. It’s also a good idea to label the box, so you know what’s in it later. Be sure to use arrows to indicate which side is up. You may also want to use sturdy cardboard dividers between individual cups and other large items, so they don’t bang around. If you use these precautions, your china should arrive in perfect condition.

    Tips for Keeping Fragile Items Safe in Storage

    Whether you’re removing clutter from your apartment or are in-between homes, renting a storage unit can be extremely helpful. You want to make sure your belongings remain in the same condition they were when they left your home. That means you’ll need to ensure you pack using the proper techniques and materials. Keep reading to learn some useful tips for keeping your fragile items safe while moving them into or out of storage:

    • Packing Smart – Your time is valuable, but investing time to pack smart will help ensure your fragile items end up in one piece. Poor packing is one of the most surefire ways to end up with broken belongings when you retrieve them from your storage unit. Fragile items deserve more attention and tend to be more valuable than those that aren’t easily broken. Start by using sturdy boxes that are appropriately sized for your items. The less free room you leave in the box, the less your items can move around.
    • Choosing a Safe Storage Facility – How you pack your fragile items is important. But, a safe storage facility is also critical. A quality storage rental company will be attentive and accommodating so you can rest assured that your important belongings are in good hands. Make sure your storage unit is adequately protected, so you don’t have to worry about thieves breaking in and stealing, vandalizing, or damaging your fragile items. Insuring your belongings is another good option.
    • Arranging Your Storage Unit – Keeping your fragile items safe starts with packing but also has to do with the arrangement of your storage unit. You never want to stack heavy boxes on top of those that contain fragile items, even if they seem perfectly secure. You also don’t want to stack boxes with fragile items too high. If any of the boxes crumble over time, you could return to your storage unit to find your prized vase shattered on the floor. Keep boxes with fragile items out of aisles where you might accidentally kick them, and be sure to label your boxes so you know which ones contain vulnerable materials.

    Should You Put Your Fragile Items in Storage?

    All kinds of items and belongings can go into your storage unit as long as you plan ahead. Safely packing fragile belongings such as heirlooms and wedding china can ensure they’re protected from mold, burglary, and other dangers when stored correctly. Learn when these items should be kept in storage:

    • If They Are Rarely Used – Old items that you rarely use, such as paintings, heirloom furniture, or expensive china and crystal, can be protected in storage.
    • If You Are Transitioning – Whether you’re moving from one home to another or remodeling, there are plenty of reasons to store your fragile items.
    • If They Will Be Protected – Your attic, garage, or closet might not be the best place to keep fragile items because they could be damaged by moisture, mold, or other factors.

    Choosing the Best Storage Facility for You

    A self-storage unit is a great option if you want to keep your fragile items safe and secure. Independence Storage in Mountain View, CA is an excellent place to keep your fragile belongings. Our ground-level units with ten-foot-high ceilings make storing your fragile items easy. Our storage facility is secure and we have on-site managers to make sure you’re always taken care of. Contact us today to learn more, schedule a tour, or reserve your storage unit.

  • How to Choose the Best Storage Facility in Mountain View, CA

    Tips for Picking the Right Storage Facility from Independent Storage

    Everyone has stuff, but sometimes you don’t always have a place to put it. Independence Storage is a top-rated storage facility in Mountain View, CA. Our self-storage units are all 10-foot-tall ground-level units. Some people think that all storage facilities are the same, but that’s not the case. At Independence Storage, we care about you and your belongings. We’ve prepared some tips for picking the right storage facility. Take a few moments to read through them, and then contact us today to learn about our manager’s specials.

    What to Look for in a Storage Facility

    We all care about the security of our belongings, and it’s important to find the best storage facility. So, what separates one storage facility from the next? The first is finding a self-storage place with on-site managers who make sure your items are safe after the gates close. You also want to look for a storage facility that offers electronic keypad access. Because your storage needs can change suddenly, find a facility that does not require a minimum stay or penalize you for moving your belongings out early. Independence Storage has everything you’re looking for in a storage facility. We have nearly two decades of experience. Our facility offers secure, ground-level units with no minimum stay as well as customized billing and payment options.

    Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Storage Facility

    If you’re reviewing your storage options, you will want to make sure you choose a storage rental company that’s prepared to fulfill all of your storage needs. Doing your research and touring the facility can help you rest easy, knowing you’re placing all your items into the best available storage unit. There are multiple factors you should consider when choosing your next storage facility. The first thing to consider is whether the facility requires a long-term contract. A quality storage facility will offer short-term and long-term rental agreements. You should also ensure the storage facility has a comprehensive security system to protect your belongings. You should choose a storage facility that offers spacious, ground-level units for ease of access.

    Choosing the Best Self-Storage Facility

    Not being able to access your belongings or learning that they’ve been destroyed in storage are not pleasant experiences. To choose the best storage services, you’ll need to assess your needs, find out if the facility has an on-site manager, and learn about the terms and price of storage services. Learn more about these three crucial factors to consider when choosing the ideal self-storage facility:

    • Knowing What You Need – Size matters when it comes to self-storage units. If you only have a small number of items, you won’t want to pay for a larger unit. At the same time, you won’t want to cram a whole houseful of items into a small unit. At Independence Storage, you can always move into a larger or smaller unit.
    • Presence of a Manager – Having an on-site manager provides for better customer service, so you don’t have to play phone tag to get the answers you need. Our managers can answer your questions and take care of your needs.
    • Minimum Stay Requirements – Always be sure to understand the terms of your storage contract. Some facilities only offer services for a certain timeframe, while others like ours are more flexible. At Independence Storage, all unused rent is refunded after the first month.

    What to Consider When Choosing a Storage Facility

    It’s crucial to select the storage facility that best suits your needs. You don’t want to be spending more than you should be or making things more difficult for yourself. Consider the following factors when choosing a storage facility in Mountain View, CA:

    • Decide What Kind of Unit You Need – Ground-level storage units are ideal for easy access and to load and unload conveniently. Our facility offers all ground-level self-storage units to make your life easy.
    • Size Up Your Space – It’s easy to choose the right size of the storage unit. Our facility has recommendations for you, and you can always ask us if you have questions. Use our guidelines to choose the best unit for you and then consider ways to maximize your space, such as adding shelves to your unit.
    • Consider Security – One of the most important aspects of a storage facility is security. You’ll provide your own padlock, but you also want other elements such as electronic keypad entry, security cameras, and an on-site manager.

    How to Choose the Right Self-Storage Unit for You

    Renting a self-storage unit is a convenient, inexpensive way to give yourself extra space for your belongings. When you choose Independence Storage in Mountain View, CA, you’ll rest easy knowing we provide excellent customer service and customer-friendly features. Each storage unit rental is a ground-level unit with ten-foot-high ceilings. We offer excellent security, expansive units, and customizable billing. We encourage you to visit to take a tour of our storage facility and ask us any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more or reserve your storage unit.