• How to Decide What to Put Into Storage

    A common issue faced by homeowners is having more stuff than they have room to hold. If you have too many belongings to store or keep organized in your home, then taking advantage of self-storage services in Mountain View can be incredibly beneficial. While moving your items into a storage unit is a simple process, deciding what should go into storage and what should remain at home can be difficult. Use the following tips to help choose what should go into your storage unit .

    First, it’s important to know what items should not go into storage, and this includes anything living, toxic, highly flammable, or edible. Next, consider the size of your storage unit. If you have something large or bulky you’re thinking of storing, then you should first determine if your unit can accommodate it. Finally, consider the time of year and your household’s needs. There are likely to be items that your family won’t need again for several months, such as summer gear or holiday décor, and these types of belongings are often an ideal choice for putting into storage.

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  • Tips for Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized

    Taking advantage of self-storage is a smart option for many people, but keeping your unit tidy can be tricky. If you’re planning on using a storage unit near Palo Alto , then use the following tips to help keep it organized: storage - unit


    While many individuals don’t think about making a plan for their storage unit until after they’ve already filled it, deciding in advance where you will place types of items can be incredibly useful. If you are using your unit for only boxed items, then creating a diagram of where different categories will be located can make finding what you need later on much simpler.


    If you are in the middle of a move or are a student that is storing belongings over break, it can be tempting to hurriedly pack your items without taking much time to organize them. Although you are probably working within a busy schedule, it can be beneficial to take a bit of extra time and pack like items with one another and to place small items into organized containers within your boxes.


    A step that you can take that is even more helpful than creating an organizational chart is to properly label your boxes. In fact, labeling boxes should be considered an essential part of using a storage unit if you want a fighting chance of finding any belongings that you may need later on. To get the most out of this process, label your boxes with an extra-large marker and use helpful descriptions. For example, writing “clothing” on a box is not nearly as useful as writing “Dad’s summer clothing.”


    When it comes to keeping your storage unit organized long-term, one of the best measures that you can take is to leave at least one path through your stored belongings. When you fill the unit completely, you will end up having to continuously shift boxes around each time that you need to get to one of them. On the other hand, leaving a path makes it easier to see and reach the boxes, as well as keep them more organized.

  • Steps for Getting Rid of Clutter

    Are you thinking about renting a storage unit , storage shed rental, or other storage option in Palo Alto? If so, then you may benefit from learning how to make quick and smart decisions to help you eliminate unnecessary belongings. Clutter is usually the result of a lack of decision-making, so being able to make better and faster decisions can be crucial for organizing your home.

    So you’ll have fewer items to put into self-storage, watch this video for steps to get rid of clutter. First, take ownership of the clutter so that a decision can be made. Next, set a deadline for yourself to help motivate the process. Third, narrow your options for how you will handle particular types of clutter. For example, if you have a pile of papers, you can either take action on it, file it away for later, or throw it in the trash.

  • Making Your Storage Unit Easy to Navigate

    The way you use your storage unit in Palo Alto will have a substantial influence on your storage rental experience. You will want to keep your belongings in great condition no matter how long you store them for, and it should be easy to find what you are looking for when you do come back to your temporary storage unit. As long as you do some research ahead of time and consider how to arrange your unit, you should not run into any problems. Continue reading and make sure you are prepared to make your storage unit as easy as possible to navigate.

    A number of factors contribute to a neat and organized storage unit, but it all starts with the way you pack your belongings. Make sure you use sturdy materials that won’t break, rip, or deteriorate, as these will help to keep your belongings in place rather than spilled all over the floor. You should also keep a walkway open so it is easy for you to find and access what you need. Labeling your boxes and attaching a list of contents can make your storage unit experience much easier and cut out any potential frustrations.

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