Steps in Staging Your Home

Independence Storage at Mountain View

You have to sell your current home before you can move to a new one, and a big part of this process is staging. Properly staging your home can make it as appealing as possible, which encourages potential buyers to make an offer! Find out how renting a storage unit from a self-storage facility in Mountain View can help by watching this video clip.

A properly staged home should be clean, impersonal, and clutter free. A clean and well-kept home should have a nice paint job, aesthetic doors, and quality floor treatments. It helps to remove pictures of yourself or your family so that people can imagine themselves living in your home during the open house. If you have a bit of clutter around the house that you do not want to throw away, consider using a storage unit rental to keep your belongings out of sight and in a storage unit while you show your house to potential buyers.

5 Home Staging Essentials