Deciding What to Store and What to Purge

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When you are trying to clean out your home or office, it’s hard to decide what items to keep and which ones you can live without. Before you start loading up your storage unit rental near Mountain View , use the following tips to help you decide what to store and what to purge. Deciding What to Store and What to Purge Mountain View

Use the One-Year Rule

As you start to go through your belongings, think about the last time you used each item. If you have not found the need for a particular item in more than a year, you can probably purge it. You can use this rule to help you decide whether to keep or toss anything from clothing and jewelry to sports equipment and electronics.

Think About Sentimental Value

Certain belongings hold a sentimental value that makes them more important than other items. If you can associate a sentimental value to certain items, you probably want to put them into the storage unit. If you like something but it does not hold a special place in your heart, you might want to purge it.

Look for Duplicates

If you find any duplicates of certain belongings as you start to browse through your closet, you might want to consider purging the extra one. If you can get rid of duplicates, it helps you clear out your belongings without having to sacrifice the items that you really want to keep.

Determine the Best Value

There might be some items that you do not use regularly but you find it difficult to consider parting with them. If you find yourself in this situation, try to determine if it is more valuable to you to keep them or to sell them and earn some extra money.

Get a Bigger Storage Unit

If you have gone through your belongings and purged everything that you can but still cannot fit everything into your storage unit, you might want to consider getting a bigger one. The Mountain View storage facility has plenty of unit sizes to make it easy to find the space to store all of your belongings.