A Look at Different Self-Storage Solutions

Storage facility in Mountain View

Moving is an inevitability. When the time comes, you may find yourself in a situation that warrants renting a secure storage facility in Palo Alto to house some or all of your belongings. Knowing what your self-storage options are can help you make the right decision.

Self-storage units are usually available in two different pack-it-yourself options, depending on whether you require short-term or long-term storage. For instance, if you find yourself in between homes for a short period, opt for a self-storage unit at a local, easily accessible facility. If applicable, ask for a ground-level storage unit, which can make the moving process smoother. If you need long-term storage, consider having a container delivered to your home. With this option, the storage company drops off an empty industrial container and then picks it up after it has been filled. The container is transported and stored in a closed facility until you are ready. The downside to this type of storage is that your things tend not to be accessible to you as they would if you used a self-storage unit.

Storage unit in home lawn at Independence Storage in Mountain View, CA