Tips for Keeping Your Storage Unit Organized

unorganized storage unit

Taking advantage of self-storage is a smart option for many people, but keeping your unit tidy can be tricky. If you’re planning on using a storage unit near Palo Alto , then use the following tips to help keep it organized: storage - unit


While many individuals don’t think about making a plan for their storage unit until after they’ve already filled it, deciding in advance where you will place types of items can be incredibly useful. If you are using your unit for only boxed items, then creating a diagram of where different categories will be located can make finding what you need later on much simpler.


If you are in the middle of a move or are a student that is storing belongings over break, it can be tempting to hurriedly pack your items without taking much time to organize them. Although you are probably working within a busy schedule, it can be beneficial to take a bit of extra time and pack like items with one another and to place small items into organized containers within your boxes.


A step that you can take that is even more helpful than creating an organizational chart is to properly label your boxes. In fact, labeling boxes should be considered an essential part of using a storage unit if you want a fighting chance of finding any belongings that you may need later on. To get the most out of this process, label your boxes with an extra-large marker and use helpful descriptions. For example, writing “clothing” on a box is not nearly as useful as writing “Dad’s summer clothing.”


When it comes to keeping your storage unit organized long-term, one of the best measures that you can take is to leave at least one path through your stored belongings. When you fill the unit completely, you will end up having to continuously shift boxes around each time that you need to get to one of them. On the other hand, leaving a path makes it easier to see and reach the boxes, as well as keep them more organized.