What Items Cannot Be Put in a Storage Unit?

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Storing items is a great way to keep them safe without taking up valuable space in your home. You’ve made the decision to rent a high quality storage unit in Palo Alto, but you need to know exactly what you can, and cannot, keep in your new storage unit.

For the most part, almost anything can go in a storage unit rental. This means that your possibilities are endless as long as it can fit in the unit. However, there are only a few kinds of products that can’t be stored no matter their size. If you’re storing something toxic or living, such as chemicals or an animal, then you need to look elsewhere for storage. The same goes for edible items and flammable products. These are all potential hazards, either to the people or items in the storage facility. Your storage facility might have further restrictions on their units, but these are the most common. Always follow the rules of your facility.

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