How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Maximizing Storage Space

maximizing storage space If you want to save money and make it easier on yourself to move in and out of a self-storage unit, you need to learn how to pack it before you bring truckloads of furniture and boxes to the storage facility. For starters, make sure to use uniformly sized boxes. This will make it easier to stack items vertically, thus conserving space. You should also pack tall items like couches and mattresses along the walls around the unit. Finally, make sure to keep an inventory of everything inside your unit and a diagram of where your belongings are located.

Once you know how to pack your storage unit, you need to find a self-storage facility in Mountain View that you can trust with your belongings. Look for a storage facility that promises high-tech security to keep your belongings safe. An online account system will also be beneficial in scheduling and making payments while on the road.