What to Avoid Putting In Storage

Belongings in storage box

Are you planning to move some of your belongings into a storage rental near Palo Alto? If so, then you should know that there are a few things that you should avoid putting into storage. storage - tips

Items That Are Perishable

One mistake that you do not want to make when it comes to storing your belongings is placing any perishable items into the unit. Any type of food, even pet kibble, can make the unit attractive to rodents. If rats or mice were to smell the food and get into the unit, not only will they eat the food items, but they may also chew up and defecate on the rest of your belongings. Also, storing food in your storage rental can promote bacteria and mold growth that can contaminate the other items in the space.

Items That Are Living

A storage unit is not designed to hold anything that is alive. For this reason, pets and other animals should never be kept in your storage rental, even for short periods. Also, plants should not be stored in your unit.

Items That Are Sensitive to Temperature

Most storage units are not climate controlled, so if this applies to your rental, then it’s important to consider if any of your items are temperature-sensitive before putting them into storage. Some leather and wood furniture can be affected by extreme temperature changes and may not be ideal for storage. Also, musical instruments and some household appliances should remain in a temperature controlled location. Finally, wine, collections of coins and stamps, artwork, photographs, and electronics should be kept in a temperature controlled space.

Items That Are Weapons

Most storage facilities do not permit the storage of any weapons or ammunition. Because they are explosive and dangerous, this usually extends to fireworks, as well.

Items That Are Hazardous or Toxic

Finally, the last category of items that should not go into your storage unit is hazardous and toxic items. Some examples of these materials include cleaners, propane tanks, compressed gas, kerosene, grease, motor oil, gasoline, toxic waste, and biological waste.