Tools to Make Moving Into Storage Easier

Independence Storage at Mountain View

Uprooting your belongings and moving them into your new self-storage unit in Mountain View can be taxing, which is why it helps to use a few handy tools throughout the process. Hand trucks, dollies, and moving straps can all help you move your things into your secure storage facility safely and comfortably. Watch this video to learn about the tools that make moving into storage easier.

Hand trucks, dollies, and moving straps are convenient because you can rent them or purchase them. A hand truck will allow you to move a stack of boxes out to your moving truck or into your storage unit without the risk of dropping them. Dollies can support a substantial amount of weight, which makes them ideal for moving large appliances or heavy furniture into a storage unit. It is always helpful to secure your belongings to the moving apparatus with moving straps to keep them from falling over.

How to use dollies, hand trucks and moving straps to make your next move easier!