What You Shouldn’t Put in Storage

A self-storage unit in Mountain View can be used to store away all kinds of items. However, there are some things that you just shouldn’t put in storage. Whether for the sake of safety or for the benefit of your belongings, some items are better off stored in your home or special kinds of storage units. To help you prepare for renting a storage unit in Mountain View, here is a list of items and materials that typically are not allowed in storage. Call your self-storage facility ahead of time to find out specifically what you can and can’t put in storage.

Combustible and Flammable Materials

Gasoline, compressed gas, propane tanks, kerosene, and fertilizers are common examples of combustible and/or flammable materials that are considered inherently dangerous and not allowed in storage units. You also shouldn’t store fireworks, explosives, weapons, or live ammunition. Ask your storage facility for additional information on storing combustible and flammable materials, as your facility may have exceptions for certain materials.

Hazardous or Toxic Materials

In addition to combustible and flammable materials, hazardous and toxic materials are also considered inherently dangerous and usually prohibited from storage. Common examples of hazardous or toxic materials people usually mistake as safe for storage include cleaners, chemicals, paint, acid, motor oil, and grease. Your storage facility may be able to recommend hazardous or toxic material storage or disposal facilities in Mountain View.

Perishable Food

If you will be keeping canned food in storage, make sure the unit is climate-controlled to prevent the canned food from overheating and exploding or spoiling. Perishable food products such as cereals, produce, and meats should never be kept in storage, as these may spoil or attract pests. Ask your storage facility for specific information regarding climate-controlled storage for non-perishable food.