How to Get the Most Out of Your Storage Unit

Storage box

Whether you’re moving into a smaller home, consolidating households, or even going on a long-term vacation, a storage unit can help you keep your most precious belongings safe and secure until you need them. Here are some tips from a storage facility in Mountain View, CA to help you get the most out of your storage unit so you can fit everything you have without needing to get a second unit or upgrade to a larger unit.

Storage box at Independence Storage in Mountain View, CA

Biggest Items in the Back

Before you start throwing everything in your new storage unit haphazardly, start with the biggest items in the back of the unit. Turn couches on their side and stand them upright, place bookshelves against the wall, and slide in any other large pieces of furniture you might have. Once these big items are in, you can get creative when placing everything else around them.

Stack What You Can

As you load your storage unit , take every opportunity you can to stack vertically. When stacking, place the largest and heaviest objects on the bottom for the most stability. Be careful not to go too high, however, or you may risk injury when you attempt to take down the stack when you move out of your storage unit.

Consolidate Creatively

When it comes to packing a storage unit, the most successful renters are those who get creative when consolidating and stacking items. Place boxes on top of shelves, stack chairs, throw bags of clothes on top of couches and large furniture items, and look for other opportunities to store smaller items inside of larger pieces of furniture.

As you look for a storage facility near Capitola, make sure the facility is clean, safe, easily accessible, and well-kept. For added convenience, look for a storage facility that offers online bill pay and 24/7 accessibility.