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Palo Alto Storage FAQs

Self-storage can accommodate a wide range of needs for anyone who has clutter around the home or office. If you are looking for self-storage in Palo Alto, Mountain View, or surrounding areas, you can find exactly what you need at Independence Storage, where there are a number of differently-sized, ground level units with flexible payment options for any timeframe and budget. Read on to see answers to some of the questions we commonly hear in regards to self-storage so that you can begin filling your storage unit and cleaning out your garage or office space.

Is there a time limit for self-storage?

Short- and long-term clients are welcome at Independence Storage. You might only need a storage unit temporarily to streamline an upcoming move, or you may consider long-term storage for childhood belongings or seasonal items. In either case, you can find a unit with Independence Storage and know that you do not have to commit to any minimum stay. Even if your plans change, you can cancel your unit lease and get a prorated refund on pre-paid services.

What can I store in a unit?

With self-storage, there are many ways to maximize the space for optimal efficiency and organization. You can store just about anything in a unit, provided that it is not toxic, living, edible or highly flammable, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to clearing your home of clutter.

  • Unit size – There are many sizes of storage units available for different storage needs, and each offers 10 foot ceilings to create even more space for stacking boxes or fitting in large items.
  • Packing tips – To make the most of your storage space, we recommend storing items in uniformly sized boxes and covering everything with a light plastic cover. You will want to leave some space between the walls of the unit and your boxes, and make sure that you leave accessible paths for any items that you might need to get to more frequently.

What types of payment plans are available?

If you are storing items for a long-term period, you might take advantage of a discounted, prepaid plan of 6-months or 1-year rather than paying month to month. If you do prefer to pay monthly, you can make payments more convenient with auto-pay.

Do I need to insure my items?

Independence Storage offers a safe and secure environment for even your most prized possessions, but it is still important to insure and document the items that you keep in storage. Homeowners' and renters' insurance policies will often cover possessions that are in storage, so we will not pressure you to purchase insurance through us when you begin renting a unit.

You don't have to live with excess clutter or worry about where to store your items when you are traveling or in school with the experience and exceptional facilities of Independence Storage. To contact us for more information about our units and fees, call us at (650) 969-8770 today.

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